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Marucci AP5 Pro Maple Baseball Bat

Marucci AP5 Pro Maple Baseball Bat

Gender: Men's

Marucci AP5 Pro Maple Baseball Bat - This is Albert Pujols’ signature Marucci model. The AP5 has a tapered handle and moderate to large barrel. The bat was originally designed to give him total control at the plate. The tapering provides great balance for a large barreled bat. The AP5 also features a high level of wood density. It is engineered for hitters who are looking for balance and power in their swing. Hardness 4Shipping Weight 2.00 lbsBalance 4Durability 4.

<span class='attType_player_nm'>Albert Pujols< / span> / <span class='attType_short_dsc'>Black Barrel / Natural Handle< / span>
<span class='attType_player_nm'>Albert Pujols< / span> / <span class='attType_short_dsc'>Natural Barrel / Black Handle< / span>
Natural / Black