Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai Veggie - 2 Servings

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Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai Veggie - 2 Servings -

This Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai veggie meal adds variety to any trail menu you have planned.

Ingredients: rice noodle (rice flour and water), sauce (tomato, sugar, white vinegar (maltodextrin and distilled vinegar), vegetarian soup with imitation chicken flavor (maltodextrin, salt, autolyzed yeast extract, yeast extract, onion powder, turmeric extract (color), sunflower oil), garlic, lime flavor (organic maltodextrin, natural flavors), cilantro, crushed red chili pepper, salt), organic peanut butter (organic dry roasted peanuts, organic palm fruit oil), dry roasted peanuts, organic textured soy protein, bell pepper, green onion. contains: peanuts, soybean. Allergens: soybean, peanuts, may contain traces of tree nuts.

Made in USA.


  • Gluten free
  • Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9
  • May contain traces of peanuts and/or tree nuts
  • Nutrition facts displayed here and on packaging may differ; information on packaging reflects actual contents
  • Spicy blend of vegetables cooks simply by mixing contents with boiling water in the pouch provided; let stand and serve
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Calories from fat:160
Calories per serving:460
Carbohydrates:64 grams
Cholesterol:0 milligrams
Dietary fiber:8 grams
Gluten free:Yes
Potassium:0 milligrams
Protein:18 grams
Saturated fat:3 grams
Serving size:1/2 package
Servings per container:2 serving(s)
Sodium:480 milligrams
Sugars:15 grams
Total fat:18 grams
Trans fat:0 grams
Weight:8 ounces

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Backpacker's Pantry Pad Thai Veggie - 2 Servings Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Pretty darn good!

I reviewed this before but have more experience now so I hope this is more useful the second time around, from a person who loves flavor and carrying as little as possible.

Consider using this as a main meal and bringing dehydrated soup fixings for an appetizer. You can easily stretch this one into a 3 person meal with some soup and snack/dessert options.

Excellent for short weekend jaunts and car camping. Consider alternatives for long treks and "ultra light" goings on.

Taste: excellent considering it is from a package. You can adjust the main flavors (peanut and heat). Less peanut flavor, add less peanut butter and crushed peanuts. If you like heat, bring an extra pepper flake package from your favorite pizza place. No other flavors besides that to change. Feel free to bring your choice of seasonings to tweak.

Package size: Large, and cannot be crunched down too much to make it useful as ultralight goods. Break the noodles all you want, you will still need some space unless you go to noodle dust, but then it is "pad thai mush." Still tastes the same, tho. Same with weight. You drop weight you lose calories and flavor.

An all around winner for those who love a range of flavors on the trail, and are willing to carry a bit of weight, go for it.

Happy Trails!
Big DP at REI on 03/03/2013

Pretty good but a challenge to prepare

First some responses to the other reviews. Yes, the noodles are a bit too crunchy if you do not ensure that everything is well submerged in boiling water. That is a bit of a challenge. A pair of full length chopsticks and a little patient work will do that trick. It's also a bit of a challenge to mix it up properly after it's been cooked. I had to pour it all out into a big bowl to mix up. And then pouring is difficult because there's lots of goodies that get stuck to the bottom of the bag. A good long spoon will get them.
The flavor is a bit strong. A good handful of fresh bean sprouts helped a lot. A bit of good chili sauce and a decent table wine complete the trick.
The flavor seems okay but for some reason, I refuse to eat more than one serving of this at a single sitting. I craved for m&m's afterwards for some reason.
DarthAnonymous at REI on 03/03/2009

Good meal, but only for one person

I bought this meal for a two night backpacking trip, and I was very satisfied with it. Some of the comments about the meal lacking flavor are strange, because mine tasted great and had lots of flavor. The meal is light weight, and easy to prepare, just add boiling water. Many of the calories come from the peanut butter, which is not actually a traditional ingredient in Pad Thai. Traditional Pad Thai dishes use tamarind paste, but peanut butter has become a substitute in western dishes. Also, the pack is supposed to feed two people, but I was able to eat an entire pack by myself, and I was still a little hungry.
Overall, a good meal, just be prepared to finish it yourself.
kc7sqd at REI on 06/06/2012

Delicious and easy

I disagree with some of the other reviews. I have tried ALOT of freeze dried food, and this is probably my favorite meal. It tastes delicious, isn't as ridiculously high in sodium as most meals, and is satisfying to eat after a long day. Every trip i take i include one meal of this. It is as easy as any meal to prepare, add water. Since peanut butter is most of the sauce, it is important to mix it, i just squeeze the bag up and down for 5 minutes during cooking. Despite being vegetarian, it has plenty of protein thanks to the peanut butter and peanuts. One of my favorites
primary at REI on 04/04/2009

Good taste for what this offers

Flavorful for a freeze dried meal, but lacks a certain something to make it authentic, but for camping freeze dry food, not a bad meal.

Seems to need a bit of spice to finish flavor. Working on best combo, maybe pepper flakes. 5 stars if better flavor.

Prep time is a bit long, maybe 15 min plus, but tolerable. A bit watery if prep'd per instructions, maybe use a little bit less water.

Full meal and then some for solo, better for two and a desert on side.

Will be eating again.
Big DP at REI on 04/04/2010

Sooooo Good!

Man this stuff is good. Really good flavor and I found it very filling. As a vegetarian, I always look for meals with a lot of protein, and this one is awesome! Also, because of the peanuts and rice noodles, this meal has really good texture (not mushy). A friend of mine turned me on to it. She's gluten free, and has Pad Thai on pretty much every trip we go on. It's a winner!
Mitch17 at REI on 03/03/2013

If you like Thai, this is your dinner

If you like Thai food, you'll love this. It is the best dehydrated dinner I have found yet, I think it is fantastic. It is higher in calories (410 per serving, I think, two servings per bag), which I like because I hate those tiny meals in bags. It is very flavorful and has a little kick. Thai is my favorite food, and if you second that emotion this is your trail grub.
bicycleagent003 at REI on 01/01/2009


That's just crazy, this stuff tasted great, I could've eaten the whole bag easily, but I must share with my lady. you HAVE to stir it constantly, she pointed that out and she was totally right. This was her first dehydrated meal and she liked it a lot, If I hadn't forgotten my spice rack, I could've thrown some salt in to this to help it out. Would buy again!
The Great Outdoorsman at REI on 05/05/2011

Good Pad Thai on the AT!

After a long day of hiking on the AT we settled into camp and I got to work making myself dinner. It took a little bit of time to prep compared to my hiking buddies who had canned soup and MREs but I'm sure I had the best tasting meal of the day. I was very hungry and could barely finish the whole meal even though it was delicious.
DjPhibes at REI on 09/09/2010

Thai on the Go

This product gives a bit of spice to the normal camp dinner. You do have to do slightly more work than add water shake and let sit. However the little extra effort is worth it and you almost feel like your really cooking on the trail. Great taste and a break from the hum drum pasta and chicken dishes night after night after night.
Rio Koda at REI on 07/07/2008

Negative Reviews:

Avoid at all costs.

I see a few people have had good experiences with this product, but it is crucial to point out that if you don't have a good one, you'll probably have a bad one.

I also am familiar with dried food, that was not the cause of the problems listed below.

I had this at a camp-ground to test it out for back-packing. It tasted tolerable but kind of bad. The real problem hit about ten minutes later with profound stomach discomfort and digestive unrest.

The product eventually lead to the production of black, waxy, sticky stools, and had I not had immediate access to a shower, I might have never felt clean again.

I have felt compelled to make sure that anybody who reads the reviews for this product understand that this product should be avoided at all costs unless you've already had it and know for sure you don't have a bad response.
Asherael at REI on 11/11/2008

A good start, but Needs Improvement

I did not experience the issues with the crunchy noodles as some have, except for a few ends which I did not submerge properly in the boiling water; however, it requires so much water to get the noodles to soften, it ruins the flavor of the dish.

I think that four things could improve this meal: (1) break the noodles, (2) use 1/2 cup less water, (3) include dried basil leaves, (4) add basil oil (and maybe fish sauce) to the oil/peanut butter package.

then it would be well on it's way to tasting right
TRS at REI on 08/08/2009

More like Pad [*]

My wife and I brought this along on a backpacking trip, as it was one of only a few vegetarian freeze dried options, and we love Thai food. It was horrid. It does not taste anything like pad thai, which is funny because pad thai is not exactly a difficult food and does not contain a ton of ingredients. Our friends tried it as well and no one would stomach more than a bite. We ended up dumping it and making some vegetable lasagne.
calavera at REI on 08/08/2008


This is some of the worst food I've ever had. I've had Pad Thai from dozens of places, both good and bad, but this is an entirely different level of bad. If I could give this 0 stars I would.

If the bad taste isn't enough to discourage you, the preparation is terrible too. 13 minutes to let it sit and once it's done you better have something else to put it in to stir it all up.

NOT recommended.
ioda006 at REI on 06/06/2009

Not so good.

Took a bunch of these backpacking. Two were the pad thai and the first came out way to crunchy. We figured the high altitude affected the cook time. The second time was almost at see level and came out much better but still the taste was pretty bad. I am a fan of Pad Thai normally, this one just doesn't cut it. Easily my least favorite of the Backpacker's Pantry dishes. It is however easy to prepare and feeds two.
Cyanide41 at REI on 08/08/2009

Never again

I had this after an almost 20-mile, 3-peak winter backpacking day. You would think that anything would taste good at that point, but I couldn't even eat it. It was so bad I had to stop eating with about two thirds of the meal left, and pack it out with me. I followed the directions, but the noodles were barely cooked. Good thing I brought pepperoni and chocolate or that would have been a very grumpy night.
McSetter at REI on 04/04/2009

Horrible in every way food can be bad

Maybe I'm crazy, but I really like freeze dried food. I love that I can get a hot meal on the trail with little effort. Pad Thai is even one of my favorite foods.
But... this was absolutely horrible. The taste was intolerable, the noodles were crunchy after more than twice the recommended cooking time, and the smell was awful.
There are too many freeze dried options out there, don't suffer through this one.
Michael S at REI on 09/09/2008

Holy Gross!

As someone else mentioned, even though a few thought this tasted good, I wouldn't give this to my worst friend. Prison food must taste better than this. Perhaps, living in Seattle, I am too accustomed to what authentic Thai tastes like that I simply can't enjoy this version. I would not bet on that however.
Try the Kung Pao chicken instead. It cooks all the way through and actually tastes decent.
TheSkyFalls at REI on 05/05/2009

Worst caping food ever

I tried this... It had no taste so i shared it with three of my friends i was mountaineering with on Mt. Whitney in December. We just did not want to waste the food so we shared it and managed to finish it. That night we all had the worst gas ever. Heed my warning... It's not worth it.
ericwitt at REI on 10/10/2009

Not worth it...

we cooked three of these meals. The noodles, no matter how long we waited (way past the recommended) were never soft. they remained crunchy and waxy. gross. over seasoned food - have water near by - you'll need it... your nose will run as you crunch your way thru hunger. awful. would not get again.
grayindigo at REI on 05/05/2009

Neutral Reviews:

It'll get the job done...

I had this leftover from a recent outing, so I ate it at home. It didn't take long for me (15 min), though I boiled the water on a stove at home.

I will agree that the flavor was pretty bad out of of the gate, but I added some chili paste and it wasn't too bad. It would have been excellent had I just hiked several miles and were freezing cold. If you can get add some of those Sriracha packets to your kit, you'll be sittin' pretty.

The peanut butter adds a good amount of fat, which should help warm you up on those nights when your tent is a might bit cold.

The main + ... it felt like a lot of food. I was pretty hungry tonight and less than half filled me up.

Something I did to keep it from being too soupy... put the bare minimum of water in the pouch and squeeze all of the air out before sealing it to get it to cover the noodles and it won't be so soupy.
VikingBlast at REI on 01/01/2014

Needs a little help

I really love pad thai so I may be a bit too critical about a freeze dried product. It is lower in sodium than most freeze dried full meal products. The problem is pad thai is a very salty dish and this one is definitely lacking in that department. I didn't think it was horrible. I think it is unfair to expect authentic pad thai from a bag in the woods. I plan to try it again and bring a few extra ingredients. Namely the sorely missed fish sauce and lime juice. It also needs the coconut milk but I don't want to add that much weight to my pack.
HobbitMan at REI on 06/06/2011

a little clumsy and messy to prepare

When will someone start to sell single serving meals!!?
COElkHunter at REI on 10/10/2013

Adequate but not great

Not as good as other flavors.
Sig in Arkansas at REI on 11/11/2009