BlackRapid Black Rapid Strap RS7 Black Fabric Curved Ergonomic with ConnectR-2 and FastenR-3

Priced: $58.95 Rated:   - 5 stars out of 5 by 43 reviews.
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BlackRapid Black Rapid Strap RS7 Black Fabric Curved Ergonomic with ConnectR-2 and FastenR-3 Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Not bad, not that amazing either

Bought this to replace my extra long UPstrap. I'm 6'3" and 270lbs and I have trouble finding straps that fit well. The UPstrap was a great length, however it grips too well for my liking, making it really awkward to move the camera from a hanging position to a shooting position. The UPstrap basically would drag my shirt with it, catch on my shirt, etc, however it was long enough so that the camera would hang near my waist, unlike most other straps that when over my shoulder would put the camera basically in my armpit, which is...well...less than ideal.I bought the RS-7 because I like the concept, as it appears to generally hold the camera low yet secure, as well as gives you the options to add an extension strap to make it longer if need be, which I thought I might need.After receiving it, it is a bit shorter than my upstrap, however because it holds the camera upside down, the camera sits in about the same position as the upstrap, however I can slide the camera up and take pictures without dragging my shirt with it (and terrifying anyone I'm taking a picture of.) The downside is that the blackrapid strap is not grippy enough, and in fact would be fine if it was as grippy as the upstrap, since the camera slides on the strap. As a result I purchased the BRAD addon for it that is an underarm strap that helps keep the blackrapid strap secure. The downside to the BRAD is that it makes the blackrapid a bit awkward to put on, particularly because the BRAD doesn't have quick releases, and it's annoying to install or take off. The BRAD also has the additional effect of making it look like you're wearing some sort of poorly thought out photographer bondage rather than a camera strap, and more than one person has made comments about that to me. The other downside is that with the locking carabiner and the screw mount to the tripod socket, the camera is not too quick to disconnect, and is held close to your body. If you need to quickly move the camera to get a shot in an awkward position or even simply hold it up high for a shot with live view or something, you can't do it quickly with the blackrapid RS-7.All that being said however, it's probably the most comfortable and useful strap I've used for general walking around, giving quick access as well as quick unobtrusive stowage. The improvements that could be made would be to make a better mounting system to the camera that allows quicker disconnecting yet remaining secure (possibly a safety line or something as well, as I am paranoid about the camera falling off the strap), and improvement to the grip of the shoulder pad, something along the lines of the upstrap would be great, so I don't have to go out looking like some sort of half kinky photographer using the BRAD when walking around.
Spike at Adorama on 08/08/2011

Great strap

I purchased this strap after an old one I had been using for a while suddenly snapped (one of the clasps gave)

I like the way this one works using a locking caribiner: it is sure not to come off the camera unless you want it to. I use the caribiner to connect to one of the clasps on the side of my Sony A850, and leave the included threaded eye-bolt on the tripod-collar of my 70-200. This way I can switch between them quickly. One must note that if you are going to use the eye-bolt on the camera itself, it will interfere with those who prefer to shoot vertically using the battery grip(which I do). This is why I chose to simply clip it to the camera clasp instead, which is working just fine.

The strap seems well built, very (and quickly adjustable), and allows you not only to adjust the looseness of the strap itself, but also where exactly you want the camera to hang (closer to your back while walking, or right in front of you while working). It is a great strap. I wish it was cheaper, but this is what I wanted and it can't be found for cheaper so get it! As a professional a good strap is indispensable.
Frank at Adorama on 09/09/2011

An All-Day Carry Strap

I shoot with a Nikon D90 with a 70-300mm lens. I also use a battery grip, more to balance out the camera with front-heavy lens attached than to provide extra battery life. The end result is quite a bit of weight.

It seemed like no matter which camera strap I tried, I would end up carrying the camera in my hand to reduce the strain on my neck, and to keep the camera from bouncing around.

The Black Rapid strap cured all of that. I can carry my camera around all day at the zoo or a theme park without any neck strain. As an added bonus, the way the camera hangs on the strap puts the camera body on your hip with the lens pointing backwards, behind you. This seems to prevent the camera from bouncing around too much, and keeps more of your expensive equipment tight to your body rather than sticking out where it can bang into things.

The strap is pricey compared with others, but it works like they say it does, and I for one think the comfort and extra protection make it well worth it!
CarpNCod at Adorama on 07/07/2011

So far, so good

After about 5 minutes of minor adjusting to get the camera to sit where I wanted, this strap worked just as advertised. Much more comfortable than the standard straps Canon gives you with any of their SLRs. I find myself worrying a lot less about bumping into things with the camera while at rest, as the natural position of my arm keeps it from moving too much. Bringing the camera up into shooting position is incredibly easy and fast. So far, one of the best investments in equipment I've made. I will be looking into buying the joeys to go with the strap to hold a couple of small items that I like to have close at hand.
Barry at Adorama on 01/01/2011

So simple and yet so useful

While one would think that it would be hard to expand up on something as simple as a camera strap, the Black Rapid strap does just that. It's so fast, I'm having to get used to the feeling that I can just whip up my camera to a shooting position whenever I see a shot. I'm still working out the kinks on how to effectively carry a camera bag, however, as it uses the same shoulder, and I'm having trouble finding the new fastener that can be attached to a quick release plate. Despite these two things, I'd say the strap is worth every penny, so don't hesitate.
Tzacolt at Adorama on 10/10/2010

Essential for any photographer

I've been using this sling for a while now, and I love it. I can't imagine not using it, as it's just perfect for carrying a DSLR and having it handy. The regular straps that come with the cameras don't provide enough room to wield the camera. This allows you to walk and work with the camera. Their product line accommodates various photographer styles and needs, so check out all that they offer, and order it through Adorama. This is one of the few times I can write an absolutely solid product referral.
Al at Adorama on 11/11/2011

Excellent in all ways.

I've had this strap for about a year now, and I love it. Absolutely love it. It easily hangs on the tripod plate loop, so I don't have to pop off the plate and pop in the mount that came with it. The padding is great for holding a 7D with the 2-battery pack and any lens you can think of. This product is one of those rare, truly worth it, gotta have it items.
Al at Adorama on 11/11/2011

Highly Recommend

So far I'm really liking this strap. I say so far only because I haven't put it through a marathon session. It's very comfortable and stays in place. It allows me to position the camera exactly where I want it--next to me, behind me, etc. It stays out of my way when I bring up the camera. Can't believe I ever lugged a camera around without it.
P51 Guy at Adorama on 02/02/2012

it just "works"!

used the strap on a recent trip to germany...i attached my Fuji x-pro 1....and was ALWAYS ready to grab the shot,one handed if necessary. It is perfect for candids/street photography as it will hide under a jacket as well. I liked the strap so much i bought a second one for my wife!
Greenday61 at Adorama on 05/05/2012

good, unless you use a tripod often

Great idea; if you want to use a tripod, though, you need a special attachment, or remove the strap button every time you need to use a tripod. This isn't a super big deal to me, and the strap is worth it.
I'm a professional news photographer in Central America.
esj at Adorama on 03/03/2012

Negative Reviews:


This product does not hold the camera securely enough. I secured the camera early in the morning, used it throughout the morning - the screw must have gotten loose and the camera fell on the floor! There are better and sager systems to carry your camera, and not this one that apparently requires to check the screw often, if you are working with the camera rather than just walking around with it! There is a similar product that comes with insurance in case your camera drops - no wonder! So if you really want to get this, I would get the one with insurance... but unless you are willing to risk your camera, I would rather go with a regular strap... way safer!
Extremely Dissapointed at Adorama on 11/11/2010

Neutral Reviews:


I would say "it's not the revolutionary design it's made out to be" but since Black Rapid is the first (only?) company with this design, I have to give them a lot of credit.What attracted me to this strap was the short length of neck straps, and how irritating it is to switch position from around the neck to around the neck and shoulder with regular straps. I have a feeling this is why most people look into Black Rapid straps.The thing that might prevent somebody from ordering Black Rapid accessories is the price. For the record- YES- Black Rapid straps are very overpriced for what they do. But nobody seems to be doing it for cheaper, and Black Rapid is taking advantage of that (which is smart).I have a very cheap neck strap I got because it had more padding than the kit strap that comes with DSLRS. That very cheap strap had neoprene on the side that touches your neck which kept it nice and grippy for when you're out and about taking photos. For the price, I figured the Black Rapid would have this, but it doesn't; it just has not-grippy nylon on both sides. So bending over to get something out of your backpack, etc: be ready for the entire strap to slide and your camera to swing forward, regardless of whether or not it's locked in via the two plastic clamps on the strap.As for the carabiner that attaches the strap to the connector (I don't know which one is the Connect-R and which one is the Fasten-R). I thought it was just a standard carabiner, like the kind I put my keys on. But this carabiner has a little thing that screws up and down so you can open and close it, which I was pleasantly surprised by since it's even more protection against the camera coming unattached. That said, taking the camera on/off every day is a little bit of a pain. The latch on the carabiner is pretty small, so you have to dig in there with the very tip of your thumb to open it, and then finesse it to the right angle to slide off the connector, and that's probably my biggest peeve about the strap system so far.Overall, I feel this is a cool strap, just not the best value, obviously.
JV Torres at Adorama on 05/05/2011