Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Image Stabilized AutoFocus Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Lens - Grey Market

Priced: $349.00 Rated:   - 4 stars out of 5 by 86 reviews.
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Angle of view:75° - 18°
Closest Focusing Distance:0.5m / 1.6 ft.
Construction:12 groups /16 elements
Dimensions (Length x Diameter):3.8" x 3.1" / 96.8 x 78.4mm
F stop range:3.5-22 (5.6-36)
Filter Size:72mm
Maximum Magnification:1:5.26
Weight:18.9 oz. / 540g

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Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Image Stabilized AutoFocus Wide Angle Telephoto Zoom Lens - Grey Market Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Good, but not excellent

NOTE: I have just bought this Canon, so I haven't spend enough time with the lens in order to have a complete grasp of its abilities. Before I've bought this lens I had one of the 28-300 Sigma lenses. I was disappointed with the AF and the sharpness, so I decided to move on to a shorter focal length. I am mainly a travel photographer, so I preferred one all-round lens instead of two or three other (more "specialized") lenses. As you can probably tell from looking what I've bought, I couldn't spend a lot of money on a L-lens, so I had to find something in the $ range. Two lenses grabbed my attention - The 28-135 Canon and the 24-135 Tamron. After reading lost of reviews on both, I chose the Canon mainly because of the IS and the Ultrasonic focus motor....and it's a Canon after all. The first thing that struck me when I opened the box was that it has a very poor barrel construction. It is plastic and wobbles quite a lot. I don't know whether this wobbling has any effects on the focusing abilities of the lens, but still it is very annoying and makes you feel uneasy about the quality of the lens you're holding. I traveled to Puerto Rico last week and had the chance of taking a good amount of pictures there. I have to say that I'm not impressed by the quality at all. I haven't tested the Canon next to my old 28-300 Sigma, but my first impression is that the Sigma is not much worse (which is quite strange for a 10x zoom ratio lens). The IS is a cool feature, but it is a little bit unreliable. You have to take at least 4-5 pictures until you can be sure that you have at least one that is not blurry and sharp enough (and here I feel that although the IS really does some work, an IS picture can never have the sharpness of a tripod one.....even if the shutter speed is as fast as 1/10).The AF of the lens is reeeaaally good. Silent, Fast, full time manual, everything you can wish for. The best feature of the lens!As a conclusion I would say that the guys from Photozone have said it very accurately - The Canon 28-135 is a solid performer with no spectacular strengths nor weaknesses. Generally it is not a bad lens, but the quality of the pictures is definitely not on a pro level. I can't say that I'm unhappy with it because I can't really afford to buy anything better, but if you have any spare $ and you're really into photography, go for a higher-class lens.
Pesho at Adorama on 03/03/2007

Great all purpose lens

Camera came with the 17-55 non is lens, this one was my first extra lens purchase, the focal length is perfect for a general walk around lens but the 28mm on a c size sensor (1.6 X focal length in actuality) means it's nearly 50mm equivalent which is really too much for something like people pictures at a party. I can sit in the bleachers and shoot sports at the gym with this but get too much closer and it's too much bottom end focal length. The IS system is wonderful, you can hand hold this baby at some impressively slow speeds and even better if you add a monopod. The high quality USM motors on this lens offer full time manual focus, you don't need to switch out of AF to touch up the focus. I find this lens quite sharp and I don't notice any color aberations or anything like that. This is a great lens for someone going on vacation shooting buildings etc. but you need more low end for landscapes etc. I own a sigma 10-20 EX DG for those applications it's perfect for that.
suemccartin at Adorama on 10/10/2007

Great all-around lens

I have used this lens with my Canon 10D for more than two years and have shot thousands of images with it. I can honestly say that this lens has performed well shooting anything from landscapes to portraits and from bright sunlight to scenes lit by the moon. All my other lenses are Canon L-Series. There is a slight difference in sharpness compared to those, but I would not hesitate to use this lens beside my professional grade ones. It is not as sturdily built as an L-Series and it does not have any environmental gaskets to protect it from the weather, but then it costs a third of what the professional lenses do. It also has a slightly loose feeling to the two parts of the housing. You will need to buy your own hood and lens case if you want them (I believe Canon offers these). Other than that, I would highly recommend this lens for anyone from beginning photographer to serious amateur. You will not be sorry.
Jerry at Adorama on 10/10/2006

Great Walk Around Lens

This was my first lens for my XTi and it has done very well. I am now an assistant wedding photographer, finding myself using the 70-200L 2.8 and the 24-70L 2.8 for most of my work, but this lens has been a great walkaround lens. It is fairly light, with a very usable zoom range. The glass is high quality and the IS works well, but it has a couple drawbacks. The aperature changes through the zoom range needing attention in low light and fast action situations. The focus is not the fastest, but still does well. The controls are a bit jerky, but doesn't affect the quality of the picture, so if you have time to set up the shot, it's not really a disadvantage. Other than that, I love this lens and would purchase it again for the value. Hope you like the shots I've attached to show its capabilities!
PeeDee at Adorama on 05/05/2007

Worth far more than you pay for it.

This is a great, often ignored zoom. Colors come out beautiful, it's suprisingly sharp for the money, and it's got a good feel to it. I'm shooting an Xti and the cropped sensor turns it into a 45-216, which puts it in the most popular photo-journalism range. 45 can be a touch tight on the wide end, but it's more than made up for by its reach. This lens is only adequate for panoramas. Perfect for your daily rig, though. I wish it were faster (2.8 would be sweet), but then it's not an L, and you don't have to pay L prices either. Until Canon comes out with an applicable L EF-S (16-125 f 2.8?), this is your best bet for a walkaround lens on 1.6 sensors. I'd buy it again for sure.
D. Wallace at Adorama on 02/02/2007

Nice all around lens

I like this lens due to the fact that it's so versatile. 28mm gives a decent wide angle view, while 135mm gets you in close to most situations. The IS functions very nicely on this lens allowing you to hand hold at low shutter speeds, which is great for indoor shots if you don't want to use a flash, or if you've just hiked up a major incline and your heart is pounding! The AF is very quick and very quiet and accurate. Pictures taken with this lens are always sharp with good color and contrast. It is slightly heavy due to the massive glass, but it feels well balanced on my 40D. All in all, I think this lens is a nice all around package.
SpecialK at Adorama on 10/10/2011

Great lens, I am very happy with it.

I bought this lens to replace my aging Digital rebel kit lens. It focuses quickly, a lot faster than my 70-300mm telephoto and probably faster than the kit lens.

Love the IS and the fact that it has a focusing ring and not the loose fitting front focus of the kit lens. It just feels well made. It appears to have sharp focus even when maxed out at 135mm. My only dislike is that it is heavy.

I bought this lens as a Canon refurb and it came in a Canon refurb box with a manual. The lens was spotless. I would buy a Canon refurb product again in a flash.
bob in ny at Adorama on 08/08/2008

Wow!! Wish I had bought it sooner.

I took this lens on a recent trip to Hawaii. It never came off of my camera. Pictures are razor sharp and the color simply pops. I had trouble holding my other longer lenses steady in moderate to low light. The image stabilization fixed that problem completely and it is amazing how well it works. This is a great all purpose lens. It is a little heavy but not a problem. The end of the lens wobbles a bit, but that seems to be common with this lens and is also not a problem. I wish I had bought this lens in the first place.
Rob at Adorama on 03/03/2007

The Canon 28-135mm lens is a keeper

For the person starting out, ditch the kit lens and get a Canon 24-135mm f/4 IS lens for your everyday stuff. It is the best entry level walk-around lens available for the Canon EOS cameras. I recommend this lens to all those who are getting into digital photography and plan on buying a Canon inter-changable lens DSLR. Not quite as good of images as on the 24-70mmL or 24-105L lenses, but you are not paying the big bucks either. This shot was taken at midnight on our last Alaskan cruise, shot as the sun was just setting, with this lens and a Canon 60D.
Black Dog Photography at Adorama on 08/08/2012

Solid lens

I am not an expert photographer, but knew the stock lens that came with my Canon lens needed an upgrade. For an amature photographer, this lens does everything I need exceptionally well. Not having money to buy many different lenses, this 28-135, has just enough zoom and close up ability to capture all the action required for the kids weekend soccer games. The Image Stabilizer is also a great feature. The only downside I find with this lense is the size and weight. It is heavy and required a slightly larger photo bag than I originally had to carry around.
Davidson at Adorama on 02/02/2007

Negative Reviews:

dirty lens inside

I bought this lens to keep it mounted on a second camera that I always carry with me, it seems perfect but had dark spots when you close the diaphragms,so can't use it over 9.0 :-(
Remo Angeloni at Adorama on 03/03/2010

You get what you pay for!

Used one for a couple of weeks and then upgtraded to the 2.8. I sold the 28-135 on . It's light and cheap- That's about all it has going for it!
G Man at Adorama on 11/11/2006

Neutral Reviews:

Flare without Lens hood

At first, thought it was great lens. Was highly recommended. Fast AF, IS is great, and great zoom range on 1.6x crop lens, a little soft and color seems flat. Learned quickly that fixed focal lenghts in zooms was necessary for action sports in low light (Gyms an night baseball - no flash). Even with IS on, not fast enought for casual use in low light. Had to upgrade to f2.8 zooms (70-200, 120-300)for outdoor sports. Bought Canon 135mmL f2.0 for gyms along with canon 85mm f1.8and found out what an L lens and a prime can do. No real issues with 28 to 135 other than I no longer use.
JBDPhotos at Adorama on 02/02/2007

Good lens for the money

This is a good lens. I made the purchase as a tie me over till I can get an L series lens with similar coverage. The lens works, but my gripes are that there is lens creep which can be irritating if working on a tripod and the camera is facing up or down. The lens will creep and cause blurry shots at slower speeds. Overall this is a better lens for caring around as an everyday lens.
Ethiene at Adorama on 09/09/2010

A good "walking-around" lens.

This lens can produce some nice images, but it isn't good in low light, and its images tend to be soft around the edges. The IS can help in those low light situations, but doesn't make it a 5-star product by any means. Nevertheless, I use this lens frequently for photojournalism, and it consistently produces useable images. It doesn't do anything exceptionally well, but it does a lot of things adequately.
esteban at Adorama on 03/03/2007

Does the trick

This lens is definitely average. I bought it because i wanted something with image stabilization for travel. Its a good lens for the price but its nothing special. I wish it was a prime lens and its not fast enough for my taste but it Image stabilization is nice @ 135mm.
nwp at Adorama on 02/02/2009

a very consumer all around lens

I don't know if I got a bad copy or not, the copy I have turns out the picture is really soft from all the zoom range, if you are looking for some razor sharp shots, or you are shooting indoor. I prefer to get a "L" lens.
sonic1314 at Adorama on 04/04/2007

Not that great

I don't get crisp sharp images at extremes.
Slavie at Adorama on 02/02/2007

nice lens

nice lens a little heavy
beckybaby04 at Adorama on 07/07/2012