Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove

Priced: $119.95 Rated:   - 4 stars out of 5 by 45 reviews.
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  • Stove lid folds down and secures closed for simple travel

Weather and Wind:

  • Side WindBlock™ guards block wind for maximum cooking performance; guards adjust to accommodate various pot sizes


  • Large cooking surface provides room for up to two 10 in. pots
  • Burns up to 2 hrs. on a full tank of fuel; tank holds 2.5 pints of fuel
  • Fuel funnel included
  • Main burner supplies 7,500 BTU; auxiliary supplies 6,500 BTU
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Activity:Family & car camping
Auto ignition:No
Average boil time:Unavailable
Burn time (max flame):Unavailable
Dimensions:18 x 11.5 x 4.8 inches
Distance between burners:9.5 inches
Fuel:White gas / auto
Fuel type:Liquid
Heat output:Main burner: 7,500/Auxiliary burner: 6,500 british thermal units
Weight:9 lbs. 13 oz.
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Coleman Dual-Fuel 2 Burner Stove Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Gold standard for car portable stoves.

Like almost all white gas products, this stove handily outperforms its canister propane counterpart -- and at a much lower fuel cost. White gas contains more energy than propane, so these burners are much hotter than propane burners. (IF the stove is pumped up and operating properly!) This is handy if you're dealing with boiling large quantities of water -- like cooking spaghetti for a hungry group.

That said, liquid fuel products (as opposed to canister fuel products) require skill and patience to master. Refueling can be messy if you're not careful -- and you'd better be careful, because white gas is extremely flammable and burns with a nearly invisible flame. Read the instructions carefully and practice lighting your stove at home. Just like learning to ride a bike it seems tricky and dangerous at first, but with practice it becomes second nature.

This stove is simply excellent, and has been on the market virtually unchanged for decades. It will last forever if you want it to, because all the necessary parts are serviceable/replaceable at a very reasonable cost. The dual fuel option is handy if you run out of white gas and can only find gasoline, but gasoline should not be used regularly unless you want to replace the generator. If the stove doesn't seem to be working properly after a few minutes of warm up, then you're doing something wrong. Re-read the instructions, start over, and practice!

Coleman's white gas products are reliable, capable, and very safe IF you understand their use and operation. I've been using white gas lanterns and stoves without incident for over 30 years -- since my Dad taught me how when I was about 12 years old. (Yes, just like with a knife or a firearm, a youngster can be taught to respect and properly handle things that have the potential to be dangerous if misused.)

Although I do occasionally use the stove for car camping, I primarily use it on the patio for boiling the large quantities of liquid required to homebrew beer. (Mrs. Balto Joe doesn't like the weird smell or potential for sticky boilovers in the house.) A 7 gallon stockpot fits nicely over both burners and it will reach and hold a rolling boil for 1.5-2 hours on a single tank.

On the negative side, this stove does not have an igniter -- I wish I could have given it 4 1/2 stars because of this. You have to light it with a match or long stem lighter. Remember to light the match or lighter FIRST, and then turn on the burner!

So if you want a stove that burns hot, is cheap to operate, doesn't send empty canisters to the landfill, and will last forever, buy this stove. Just make sure you understand that liquid fueled products require more skill and slightly more effort than their canister fuel counterparts.
Balto Joe at REI on 10/10/2011

Good little stove, with less waste

I haven't had this stove long, but I just cooked dinner on it, and did a review on youtube.

I cooked a large pot of Chicken, Egg Drop soup, and it performed great, with plenty of power from the main burner(I didn't use the auxiliary burner, but I am sure it is fine). I boiled 8 cups of chicken broth, 2 cups of water, and cooked 2 pounds of chicken, and vegetables, in about 30 minutes. Start to finish. The stove, lights, and works very well. The Auxiliary burner is easy to light, and extinguish.

I used Coleman fuel that was AT LEAST 10 years old, and maybe 20 years old, and left first, in a porch exposed to cold, and heat, and sunlight. It burned just fine.

I have found Coleman fuel to be Extremely stable.

Propane is more stable, and burns cleaner, but I just can not justify using those little 1 pound bottles, and then chucking them in the trash when they are empty. It just seems really stupid to me to use those.

I will stick with liquid fuel if I can. It generates much less waste. 1 can of Coleman Fuel equals something like 5 of those little green 1 pound bottles that you throw away when you are done with them. you can get Coleman fuel anywhere. Plus, this can run on gasoline if you wish.

Anyway, back to the stove. It is great. It lights easily, has plenty of power, has great fine adjustment on the heat, and burns very steadily after the first five minutes, and the generator heats up.

The cooking platform is very stable, so you don't need to worry about things tipping over.

This will be a fine stove for my car camping( I already have an MSR Dragonfly for backpacking).

One big plus was that it was manufactured in the USA. That means a lot to me.

Be aware though, the first couple times you use it, you will likely burn some paint off, so you will smell burning paint fumes a little, if you have the burner turned up high.

Also, the stove body gets hot, so keep stuff that may unintentionally melt away from the stove body.

I will attach my video review where I cook dinner with it.

Good luck!

Mark :)
the Mark Fellows II at REI on 03/03/2012

Best stove ever

This stove is a little big but well worth the space it will take. My father had one for as long as i can remember. So I got one when I became an adult. I have had mine for over 20 years and it still works like a charm. My father has had his for at least twice as long. When I was about 15 years old my Father, my brothers and my fathers friend whent out onto the Cook inlet to go duck hunting the nexr morning out at the mouth of the Little Sue. We hit 20Ft Seas and had to beach on the Wasilla hay flats. We then set up camp, the very next morning we where awakend by water unknown to us there was a 10 ft Positive tide. we got out of the dome tents and at that time there was a foot and a half of water as far as you could see on the horizon you could make out the trees on the kinick arm, but we knew there are slews crisrossing the flats. With banks at least 8 feet down to where the water usualy was. Also being it was the tidal flats we knew there are soft patches of mud that we could get stuck in every where. So all we could do was sit there and watch the water rise. My father place the stove on end and had my youngest brother stand on it as the water rose anouther foot and a half. Luckily thats as high as it rose it started to go back out. Once we where on dry land again my father took the stove shook it and proceeded to cook us all breakfast... neadless to say this stove rocks....
acguardian at REI on 07/07/2011

This is the one to get!

If you had only one stove to get, this is the one. Versatile, durable and won't let you down. Some reviews point out it is bulky, however this is not the stove that you will be strapping to your pack for a backpacking adventure. For its intended purpose I've always thought as this stove's weight and size as a good thing as it makes this stove serviceable, extremely stable and durable. I've used this stove on campouts, group gatherings, picnics, on the back porch on a hot day when I didn't want to heat the house up and in emergencies where services were knocked out from my house for a week. Really the stove has only been limited then my imagination, even then it has never let me down.

I very much prefer the dual-fuel to the propane model. It is easy to know how much fuel you have, also I have always been able to get mine lit (I've had one for over 30 years now). Sometimes they can be finicky, however they always light. The propane stoves can have issues lighting in cold weather or by grabbing an empty green canister by mistake. Secondly the dual-fuel stoves are great as an option because they do burn white gas and unleaded in a pinch. Propane deck grills are ubiquitous and easy to find on a neighbors porch if you need, however the liquid dual-fuel stoves gives you one more option if in an emergency.

I backpack a lot and have an embarrassingly large stove collection ranging from the very small to large, but if I were to sell all and keep only one, the Coleman Dual-Fuel would be it.
StoveNut at REI on 06/06/2012

Pretty Darn Near Perfect

If you're looking for a lightweight, compact stove to heat water for your dehydrated meals or cook simple dinners, you should probably look at offerings from Jetboil or MSR. If you need to make coffee, hot water for oat meal or tea, and eggs with bacon for a group of 6 hungry campers, but don't want to deal with propane tanks, this stove is for you.

I bought this stove because I have a large supply of white gas that I use for my backpacking stove. It's easy to use and works great. Anything important is printed right on the bottom of the lid, so you don't have to worry about a piece of paper. The included filler makes refueling a breeze and the run-times on this stove are excellent.

It is easy to light, though I kept wishing for a built-in piezo lighter. Flame control is excellent. I have cooked eggs (up, over, scrambled, and omelets), bacon, pancakes, pasta (with field-made sauce), stew, and even bananas foster on this guy. Firing up the second burner results in about a 50% loss in power on the first one, but that kinda makes sense.... Just turn up the heat a little and balance the flames.

When I'm all done, I just wipe it down, close it up, and pack it with the rest of the car camping gear. My only modification is that I rubber-band a cheap lighter to the fuel tank for transport.
Johnnie at REI on 06/06/2009

Trusty basic stove

I really like this stove but it is not for everyone. Here's why it may not be for you:

Set up- It takes a few tries and reading the instructions to light if you are not familiar with non-propane stoves so if you are like me and expect everything you buy to be completely intuitive like an iPhone then I'd look elsewhere. (Once you get the sequence right it's really pretty simple every time after that though!)

Flame- While we're talking about how it's not propane be warned if you expect hurricane like jet afterburners like a Jet Boil then you will be disappointed with the slow and steady flame produced by liquid fuel propelled only by the pressure gained when you pumped up the reservoir

Controls- You definitely get a good range of heat adjustment but be this by no means implies it is precise adjustments. You have to fiddle with the knobs (especially on burner number 2) and hope for the best

Now if you can get past all this you will end up with a nice reliable stove that can run on gas out of your car in an emergency (part of the reason I bought it) that does a good job around the car camping site making cowboy coffee and cooking up some hash browns to go with the bacon and eggs you are cooking in an iron skillet over the campfire!
Prepper at REI on 07/07/2012

10 years of happiness

When I car camp it is all about comfort. This stove makes all that possible.

Once you understand how the stove works, you can light it easily every time. In the case of Teachermom, I believe she overfilled the tank and flooded it. It is important not to over fill the tank. if you want to keep the yellow flames down in cold weather, light a little hand cleaner gel on the generator tube to prime it, but if you are even a little patient, you don't need it.

The right burner is hot and fast and is my main burner. The left burner steals power from the right, but a few extra pumps when needed and you can progress well. In this case, I boil the noodles on the right side and make the from scratch alfredo sauce on the left. (I said comfort.) The propane stove is great as well, but this white gas unit has much better low temperature control. Any time you have a long burn, you may have to give it a few pumps to get your pressure back up. It is low maintenance and dependable.

Difficult to clean? It's camping, wipe it down and get over it.

With a little practice, you will love this stove as much as I do.
Ronrude at REI on 08/08/2009

A workhorse

I've had mine for 15 years now, used it regularly, and it always works wonderfully. You DO need to read and follow the lighting instructions as printed on the stove lid, and the procedure is a bit more involved than a propane stove, but the reward for dealing with this is dependable heat in all weather, with very little maintenance or fuel cost/weight. You can always start each trip with a full tank of fuel, and one tank will easily last for a week or more of cooking for a family.

If you're considering this, you may be comparing it to a two-burner propane canister stove. I've camped with several friends who had propane stoves, and they are quicker to light in warm weather. But this stove really shines when compared to propane canister stoves in cold weather. Propane canisters depend on the vapor pressure of propane to push the fuel to the burners, which works pretty well if it's warm, but really wimps out on frosty mornings, especially when the canister is low. This white gas stove uses the hand pump for pressure, so it works well in all temperatures, no matter how much or how little fuel you've got in the tank.

This is much too big for backpacking, but it's my first choice for car camping.
rcochran at REI on 11/11/2011

A bit fussy but worth it for regular use

I like the simplicity of this stove. It is more work and fuss to light than the propane stoves. So, if you car camp with your family twice a year, I would go with propane. But for regular use, I think this is the way to go.
1. Those green propane canisters are a landfill disaster. There is little to no recycling; if you don't believe me, read Coleman's own website.
2. Propane costs about three times more right off the bat. You can get a gallon (128 oz) of white gas for $10 or a canister (16 oz) of propane for $3.25. But the white gas is about 25% more efficient in BTUs, making the savings even greater.
3. Many backpacking stoves use white gas, so you're only buying one fuel for both.
4. You can use gasoline in a pinch.
5. Propane is harder to use when the temps drop, or the altitude increases. (Easier to light perhaps, but harder to keep a steady flame).

1. There is often some spillage when filling the tank.
2. It's really not that hard to light, but it does take some practice to get the flame right.
3. It's relatively heavy, definitely not for hiking.
Sabu at REI on 05/05/2013

Great stove

Great stove. Have had mine for 10yrs, my brother has had his for 15yrs or so.

Teachermom: i just had the flame up issue this weekend. It was flooded. You may have overpumped and tipped it towards the nozzle end. If you pull it out and turn it on (AWAY from all flames) you should see NO liquid, just hear gas. If you see liquid, its not working right. Take out all the pressue. Check the rest of the stove (esp by loop thing) for any liquid, and get rid of the liquid (dry, shake, let evaporate,etc). Once that liquid is gone, repump and try again.

I just restarted mine in the garage, works like a champ again. I think we pumped it too high. Instructions say 35 times, but from 0 pressure, pump until you feel a bit of pressure back and then pump maybe a few more times. If you think the flame is too low, once you light, pump a few more times. If you have a full tank, you only need to pump <10times.
gozarca2 at REI on 09/09/2009

Negative Reviews:

Inconvenient and smelly mess

I have nothing good to say about this stove.

Some of the problems we encountered:

The tank is difficult to fill. It comes with a tiny funnel, so tiny that it overflows all the time when we tried to fill the tank. While standing around to wait for the fuel to trickle into the tank, we were surrounded by the gasoline vapors evaporating, and that's not a smell I want around my food.

The stove is difficult to light. A couple of dials, a toggle, a pump, several steps before you can try to light the pilot, and everything has to be JUST right for the flame to come on. And stay on. And during the operation it still smelled like gas.

The flame is difficult to control. Hard to get it blue. Granted, this was the first time we were using it so maybe with practice we could've performed better.

The stove caught on fire. This was a little scary. The fire wasn't coming from the burner but around the piping, as if there was a leak. We turned all the knobs and dials to the off position and it still kept burning.

We did a lot of cooking by the camp fire as a result.

I would not recommend this stove.
milypan at REI on 01/01/2013

Serious Flaws out of the box

Well I bought this stove because my buddy had one and it is absolutely fabulous for car camping. We like to go fishing/camping several times a year. We also like to cook. Not just heat things up. The big downer was not setting this up before heading out to camp. I bought literally on the way out of town. When I went to set it up I noticed the fuel tank/generator assembly did not latch in the side of the box like it was suppose to. I thought nothing of it and tried to use it several times with lots of yellow flaming and wasted time and fuel. Mind you I was 30 minutes from a paved road and 2.5 hours to the nearest REI. So after a couple of hours wasted and much frustration I bent the tab and forced the generator in the hole appropriately and bent the slot in the box to accept it. It was an excellent performer once I fixed the issue. I thought about taking it back but now that it is fixed and runs great I am going to keep it. Lesson here is test any equipment before taking it into the field. This incident could have ruined a great fishing trip. I am bummed about Coleman.
Stevo the occasional camper at REI on 05/05/2010

I really wanted to like this stove...

We backpack and also car camp. I wanted this stove as I use white gas for my backpacking stove. First one had to be returned - leaked at the seal with the tank and valve assembly. Second one worked fine on two car camping trips per year for 3 years, then failed to light. I am sure I could have replaced the generator and/or the valve assembly, but shouldn't be necessary so often when using only filtered white gas. Thats at least 1/3 the cost of the stove every 3 years. I have to replace parts less often than that on my Whisperlite backpacking stove. And it gets much rougher treatment. Also, even the main burner is relatively low power, though it works fine. The second burner is quite weak and reduces power of main burner. But I would have gladly continued to use the unit if didn't seem to need replacement parts so frequently. I really don't want to go to propane as I dislike the disposable nature of the fuel canisters. Others seem to have had good luck with this stove, but can't say I am a fan.
Blueberry grazer at REI on 08/08/2011

Scary Stove!

This year, I made the switch from decades of using backpacking stoves to a Coleman stove for car camping with the fam. Of all of my years of camping experiences, what happened with this stove scared me to death! The entire stove caught fire and spread to the fuel tank. It was literally an inferno. This was the 3rd time we used the stove, so the problem/inferno should not be related to maintenance work that needed to be done. If I ever get up the nerve to use this stove again (provided we figure out why the nozzle that held fuel seemed to fail and flood the stove), it will be far away from ANYTHING that could catch fire and I might even want a fire extinguisher around. Scary!
Teachermom65 at REI on 08/08/2009

Would not recommend.

Used on recent camping trip. It is functional. Major issue is this stove does not have the horsepower to boil a pot of water without waiting forever. The use of a refillable fuel tank is a plus and it holds enough fuel for several days of moderate cooking. The second burner is not easy to turn on or light, its control is not user friendly and it is hard to know when it is in the off position. Would not recommend for heavy duty cooking or boiling more than a cup or two of water.
Coryginger at REI on 08/08/2010

Decent performance

Decent burner but definitely not convenient in most situations. The burners light unevenly; the second burner is controller by a metal key that has no indicators so it's touch and go. I'm not WOW'd by the performance either - the fire seems to burn low which in turn takes forever to heat the food. Lastly, and this really bugs me, using a titanium pot on the burner leaves this black mess on the bottom of the pan/pot after you're done cooking. The white gas doesn't completely burn; didn't know that before I bought the thing.
ichibanh at REI on 09/09/2007

Great stove, until it leaks.

I love this stove, I just wish I had bought the classic single-fuel version. I'm about to return my second stove for the same issue - leaking liquid fuel from the tank output adjustment knob. I repaired my first stove, then returned it when it started leaking again. My new stove is now leaking. I am going to return it and attempt to special-order the classic (red tank) 2-burner Coleman. I adore the Coleman design, the powerful fuel and how easy they are to use.
Nickf at REI on 03/03/2011

Neutral Reviews:

needed some adjustmens

Stove needed some adjustments right out of the box. First, generator tube did not come off of tank at correct angle, so tank tabs did not engage fully in stove slots--fixed by using a wrench to turn threaded nipple slightly into/out of tank (<~1 degree). Second, lid was loose because lid hinge tab ears did not engage hinge holes in side of stove--fixed by bending ears out slightly to engage holes. These QA problems should not be occurring. Overall, stove is a bit flimsy compared with Colemans of yesteryear, but runs fine--hope the quality of functional guts is there to support long term reliability.
hikerron at REI on 04/04/2010