Coleman Fold 'N Go Two Burner Stove

Priced: $99.95 Rated:   - 3 stars out of 5 by 27 reviews.
Coleman Fold 'N Go Two Burner Stove
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Color: Red
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Support and Cushioning:

  • Chrome-plated heavy-gauge wire grates support a variety of pot sizes; aluminized steel cooking surfaces make clean-up a cinch


  • Uses standard 16.4-ounce propane cylinders (not included); features a pressure regulator for consistent performance thoughout the life of the cylinder
  • Plus, the electronic ignition brings push-button ease to lighting burners, which in turn are easily managed by dual control knobs
  • Although smaller, it is every bit as powerful, delivering 10,000 BTUs per side, the same power rating as many Coleman stoves
  • Due to flammable item shipping restrictions, we cannot sell fuel canisters online; they are available at REI retail stores
  • The 13-inch spread between burners accommodates large skillets and pots, making the stove perfect for camping, picnics and patio usage
  • Each burner is fully adjustable from a fine simmer to all-out boiling and frying temperatures
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Review RatingNumber of Reviews
Activity:Family & car camping
Auto ignition:Yes
Average boil time:Unavailable
Burn time (max flame):Unavailable
Dimensions:(folded) 14 x 12 x 5.5 (set up) 27 x 12 x 4.5 inches
Distance between burners:13 inches
Fuel type:Canister
Heat output:(per burner) 10,000 british thermal units
Weight:7 lbs. 12 oz.
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Coleman Fold 'N Go Two Burner Stove Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Great Car Camping Stove

My wife and I use the Fold-n-Go Stove for car camping, and we love it. The 16-ounce propane canisters can be found anywhere and last a surprisingly long time. Setup, use, and cleanup are all quick and easy. Heat output is good, and the burners are spaced far enough apart to cook with large pots and pans.

We have not experienced many of the negative issues other reviewers have complained of. The stove does not include a windscreen, but we accept that as part of the compact design. As we use the stove for car camping only, it is as stable as the picnic table we set it up on. In that regard, we also place our cooler and other camping items around the stove to block the wind. Although stove performance does decline noticeably as the wind picks up, even with our makeshipt windscreen, this setup has worked fine for us. It just takes a few minutes longer to cook in the wind. Both burners provide even and equal heat output, and the pot supports are quite large and sturdy. Finally, though it is a bit pricey, we recommend purchasing the carrying case for the Fold-n-Go. We have enjoyed the convenience of being able to simply pick up the carrying case and go, knowing that everything we need for the stove is there, including two fuel canisters.

The only negative aspect of the Fold-n-Go is the poor temperature control. Although the flame control knobs adjust over a long range, they both have a very tiny range for USEFUL adjustment. In that tiny range, the flame output changes from very low to nearly maximum. It IS possible to set the burners to a simmering level, but it is quite tricky.

All in all, we LOVE our Fold-n-Go, and highly recommend it to our fellow car campers.
G-Man Backpacker at REI on 04/04/2008

a real performer for me

we've had one of these for going on three years now. we picked up the case right away, for convenience. neatly fits two tanks and cutting boards.

it goes car-camping with us, and has to be one of the best stoves i've used in a long time. i myself use wide cookware(perhaps part of the issue with height/heat comes from using narrow camping cookware-we take stuff from home) and cast iron cookware(this stove is perfection for cast iron).

the height of the pots allows me to get a good look at the flame, a technique that's very useful for hitting a simmer. a soft touch on the knobs helps.

the heat outstrips the flat two-burner my in-laws have, and the tanks seem to last a little longer too(maybe it's that higher heat output letting me cook faster).

my one complaint is the grates. you bump the stove wrong, and SPOING, they're out. not a huge deal, but sometimes a little irritating when you're packing it down.

i do say, next to the white gas triple barreled suitcase-sized monster, this is probably my favorite coleman stove.

never noticed too much issue with wind, but i guess we must camp in a area that's fairly well protected. it might also be the cast iron cookware, too, keeping that heat nice and even.
dsuursoo at REI on 12/12/2009

Coleman Fold N' GO

I received this as a gift from my brother 3 years ago and ended up buying him one I liked it so much. The two burners with electric start are great. Easy to light and easy to maintain temperature. It is easy to clean and it fits well into a DRY BOX or Dry Bag in a Canoe. It is much easier to stow in a boat than the traditional large Coleman green stoves. The Fold N' Go's are lighter and lock down tighter and more secure than their predecessors. The bottoms stay cool during use and can be put on plastic dry boxes,buckets, and tables without worry of melting or getting hot. I would highly recommend this product for canoeing or vehicle camping. It would even make a nice stove for a rustic cabin or basecamp. You can't beat two burners! One for coffee and one for food. Buy it you won't be disappointed!
frankmcatee at REI on 10/10/2010

Great For Car Camping

I've really enjoyed using this stove on all my car camping trips. It's great to have the second burner and it's easy to set up and clean up. The Instastart feature is also a plus. A couple of caveats: You will need some type of windbreak in windier conditions. I had to improvise and use a pot lid and then the unit worked fine. Also, make sure the surface you use it on is flat or else pots and pans will tend to slide off.
Zenasmom at REI on 09/09/2007

Excellent car camping stove

I use this stove for car camping. It's too big for backpacking. In my opinion it's perfect. I use my plastic food bin lids as wind screens when it's windy. It is very safe, there is no risk of burning with the easy lighting. The spark starter broke on one of the burners broke after about three years of heavy use but REI replaced it free of charge. The small propane tanks are not refillable but they are recyclable.
IT at REI on 06/06/2010

rocks the campground

When I took this camping, it caused a stir. My entire car-camping crew were ga ga over it. It's really easy to use and has amazing power--almost like a stovetop burner. It packs away easily and lights WITHOUT a match.

Only downsides: wasn't sitting flat very well--might have been the table? Also the pans can slip right off because there's no walls. Watch out if you have kids.
sfchica at REI on 09/09/2007

Convienience Plus!

Recently purchased the stove in the Seattle store for a two week car camping vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Very handy especially with the custom carrying case (sold separately and holds two fuel canisters and several plates and cooking utensils). Excellent fuel availability. Clean burning. Will also be great for tailgating!
Wingman at REI on 09/09/2007

Definitely a keeper!

My husband and I recently purchased this stove so that we could have the two burners and cook a camp dinner that would have everything prepared at the same time. This stove met and exceeded our expectations and now i don't know how we ever survived a meal without it!
jlino osborn at REI on 07/07/2009

love this stove!

My boyfriend and I are avid outdoor folks, this stove, couldn't make it easier.

It's a bit bulky for backpacking, but for everything else; camping, road trips, cook outs, angry vegans who don't want you cooking fish in their house... it's perfect!!!
SmellsLikeSmiles at REI on 12/12/2010

A useful little stove

A nice little stove that folds compactly, is extremely easy to use, puts out good controllable heat, self lighting. To heavy for backpacking, but uber convenient for car camping.
Ziggy at REI on 09/09/2007

Negative Reviews:

Great Looks, Poor Performance

I learned a lesson - when buying a stove, first know what you are going to cook on it and what is required for the stove's operation. I also learned to confirm the stove's fuel requirements meet your expectations (altitude, temperature, length of service).

This stove is great if you're in a windless environment, have bigger pots/pans, and are willing to manually warm the gas canister (it quickly gets VERY cold which greatly reduces performance).

You will NOT be grilling on this stove. Water does not boil easily with this stove due to the distance between the flame & pot (which allows most of the heat to escape). Even with my handmade windscreen, a 2-cup pot of water took more than 6 minutes to boil. The same pot boiled in 1 minute on charcoal.

I'd suggest you use a Jetboil unit for boiling and the tried-n-true Coleman folding 2-burner stove for grilling.

Happy camping!
ClarkFamily at REI on 04/04/2009

Not really as good as it could be

Great compact design. I hate the fuel cansisters as they are non re-usable and they don't work to well if its at all cold. It takes forever to cook on it because the burner racks hold the pan or pot to far from the flame. Takes way more fuel than it should because of this. Then if you have any breeze it takes even longer. You add that to the fact that pots and pans want to slip off of the burners and that the whole unit is difficult to get stable it makes it a pain to use. I'll be using my 1964 Coleman white gas stove, like your grandpa's, that I got at an estate sale in '93 for 15 bucks for the next dozen years it looks like. It's rock solid and uses a re-fillable fuel tank. Guess things don't always get better than the old stuff.
The Grit at REI on 03/03/2008

Great design but poor performance

When I first saw this stove, I went, "Wow, that looks great!" I love the design and the idea that you can just fold this stove and go, just like the name says. The only problem with this stove is that one of the burners didn't function as well as the other which defeated the purpose of having a two-burner stove to prepare my meals on. When we returned it we were told that someone else had just returned the same exact stove for the same exact problem. A used one we had tried ended up with only one burner working as well. It must be a defect in this model. Too bad. I hope that the design can be perfected as it is a great idea.
Two Eagles Flying at REI on 09/09/2007


We got this stove because it was on sale, and it works OK as long as there isn't *any* wind. Temperature is a bit hard to control, it tends to be either too hot, or off - hard to get it to simmer. The range of the knobs is too small to get good, repeatable flame control.

When windy, it's pretty much useless. So much so that on a recent trip I got a different, low end Coleman unit with wind shields and it made a huge difference. No more going through a whole propane tank per meal, I could now cook about 3 meals per tank.
ftillier at REI on 11/11/2008

Failed after one year: won't boil.

Worked ok for one year (except when windy), but then the regulator failed to put out enough propane to even boil two quarts of water with a new fuel canister. Tried to get warranty repair: the first store said they no longer do that and Coleman's website was wrong for a year. The second lighted it; said it worked, and sent me on my way. Yes, it lighted, but he didn't wait to see that even after half an hour, water will not come to a boil. I just tested that with a new canister.
Akos at REI on 07/07/2011

great idea, however

Its a great idea that needs refinement. We used it on a camping trip to Havasupi in the Grand Canyon. The stove fit perfectly in a duffle bag for a mule ride down to our camp. However the winds blew constantly and the stove places cooking pots high with no wind protection resulting in a high rate of fuel consumption. A field rigged wind protection system plus whomever happened to be cooking were in danger from unpredictable flareups. I returned the stove hoping for an improved variation in the future.
keepmovin at REI on 04/04/2008

Too slow to boil water in light wind

I tried this stove as a replacement for my Century two-burner stove, camping in the Black Rock Desert. I have also used a different Coleman model in the same context. This one took forever to boil a small amount of water, with the gas turned up full. It may have been the light wind, or maybe the burners in this design are too high, but it just didn't work well. May be ok for picnic areas, very low wind situations.
BobCulley at REI on 08/08/2013

Skip this stove

The grill is too far from the flame. It took me almost one whole can of propane to make a pot of coffee. Once I took off the grill my percolator began to boil. I had to physically hold it near the flame to keep it boiling. I think it took almost 20 minutes to make one 9 cup pot of coffee. Do not buy this product. I like the compactness of it, but does not boil water fast enough.
jrm99 at REI on 09/09/2010

Three was not a charm

Bought because of compact design for car/motor cycle camping.
Returned first for uneven flame on one burner. Food heated unevenly.
Second had same problems on both burners.
Returned to factory and spoke with rep. Factory sent third unit saying best they could do. Flame on one burner still uneven. Returned for refund.
Very sensitive to breezes.
It is a great design visually but just did not work for me.
Motorcycle Camper at REI on 02/02/2008


Despite it's portability and the cool design, we found it difficult to stabilize while cooking and stow afterwards - the removeable grills fit inside, but can be tricky to snap in place and can't be handled hot. Also, according to the manufacturer, you can't safely refill or recyle the propane cylinders - they should be discarded in the garbage once fully discharged.
Knoxes at REI on 11/11/2007

Neutral Reviews:

compact efficient stove

We bought this stove because it folded into itself. We've been out of the camping scene for about 5 years and were going on ease. I hadn't tried it out before getting to the camp site and luckily I had my Leatherman with me so I could modify the spark starters so they would actually ignite the propane when the starter was pushed. It's a good thing I'm a home-grown MacGiver....... The curvature of the grate also was a problem in terms of stability for our particular coffee maker, which will require an additional grate on future trips.

As for the folding ability of the stove, a previous reviewer implied that the grates need to be unsnapped, turned over, and re-snapped into place to close the stove. Not true, you just need to make sure they are lined up properly and it will close fine by fitting into one another.

I though this was a great little stove, especially with the handy carry back with compartments for two fuel canisters and interior pockets for flat items (plates, utensils, etc.)

It works and I'l hold onto it until it dies, but I would have rather bought a different stove from the beginning.
Pushkas Family Campers at REI on 06/06/2008

Good for what it is.

I purchased this stove for one purpose: overnight kayak trips. Being more compact than the warhorse Coleman 2-burner white gas stove, it fits nicely into the hold of my boat. When backpacking I take a small pack stove or even an alcohol stove, and on car camping or cabin trips I generally take my liquid-fuel Coleman. But this stove works well for its intended purpose.

The stove performs well as long as it isn't windy, and an aluminum wind screen helps lessen that problem. Since my kayak adventures typically involve my cooking on a sand surface, stability isn't a problem. Temperature control is not outstanding, but I found it to be better than did many of the other reviewers.
Mailtragic at REI on 03/03/2009

Despite It's Faults, I Still Like It

I really like my stove. I enjoy camp cooking and I have been able to grill pork chops and make couscous in the rain with this stove. However, wind seems to cut down the efficiency. I will need to design a wind shield. Using camping designed cookware with grooved bottoms, the pans stick to the grates without a problem, otherwise it is slippy with normal kitchenware. The temperature control has not been a significant problem for me.

The compact design is very attractive. For car camping or tailgating where stable tables are available, it works very well. It's a lot of caveats for this little machine, but overall I am still happy with its functional and mobile purposes.
sueyue at REI on 06/06/2008

Small and portable with issues

Used a diozen times in the last year. Three issues: 1- Due to the hindge it cannot be leveled, which a problem with most camping tables NOT being level. 2- Very hard to simmer partially because of: 3- No wind screen. I built a wind screen, but it's a kludge. I will replace next year with something else.
Hungry Bear at REI on 08/08/2012