Cycleaware Reflex Flexible Helmet Mirror

Priced: $20.00 Rated:   - 3 stars out of 5 by 31 reviews.
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Cycleaware Reflex Flexible Helmet Mirror -

3-way adjustability -- rotating base, swivel mirror unit and bendable shaft -- allow you to position mirror just where you need it



  • Self-adhesive base -- fits any helmet


  • flexible shaft reduces image vibration for a steadier view
  • Mount holds mirror close to eye for wide-angle view Top 25 Category Product
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Cycleaware Reflex Flexible Helmet Mirror Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Great Mirror if you know the trick

This is an excellent helmet mirror. Problems with the mount can be completely avoided if you
A) CLEAN the helmet thoroughly before attaching the mount and
B) DETACH the mirror arm from the mount point when the helmet is not actually on your head. To detach the mirror arm, rotate it 90 degrees to expose the sides of the mount, use one hand to PRESS the mount firmly against your helmet and the other hand to pop the mirror arm off the helmet.

Any constant pressure on the mirror arm will pry the mount point off your helmet, so support the mount when you pop the mirror off and don't store your helment in a bag, or even on a shelf, without removing the mirror arm. The helmet itself will lean on the arm, creating a lever which will eventually cause the mount to fail.

I've retired three helmets; the original mirror and mount point outlasted each. As long as you're the kind of person who can keep up with the part you took off (I store my helmet upside down with the mirror arm in it) this mirror will last the life of your helmet.
SandiM at REI on 07/07/2011

A good mirror

This helmet-mounted mirror gives a good image, with little vibration. It's easy to adjust while riding and holds the adjustment for the entire ride. You can flip it up and out of your field of vision if desired. Snaps on and off the base, which permanently attaches to the helmet, so it can be stored safely to avoid scratching when not in use. Adjust it so you can see a little bit of the side of your head and shoulder then when you turn your head slightly to the left you scan the whole road behind. When installing the base, clean the spot on the helmet with alcohol, then after attaching let it sit undisturbed for an hour. As an extra measure I apply some Gorilla superglue around the edge and it's a very secure attachment. I was going to rate it 4 stars but I couldn't think of a thing wrong with it so I'm giving it 5. If you want a helmet mounted mirror, this is the one to get.
REI_shopper at REI on 07/07/2010

Love it!

I'm not sure why people dislike this so much.

Here's my situation. Take a look mirrors have a great mirror, but they don't fit on my glasses, and I don't care for the piece of plastic they have that connects to a helmet. This one slaps right onto the helmet. Yep, depending on the helmet, you may need to attach it with a stronger adhesive (gorilla glue did it for me) but I love how adjustable this is.

Yeah, I've broken a few, as I have the take-a-look mirror. You try attaching a 6 inch piece of anything thin to a helmet and try to keep it in good shape.

So, yeah, I consider it something I have to buy every now and then, but I consider that my fault, not the mirror's.
David the biker at REI on 09/09/2009

I think it's better than rated here

I wonder if some of the reviewers here read the directions. Mine stays on good and I take it off the helmet every day.The directions say to clean helmet well; I used alcohol. Then the directions say to stick it to the helmet with out the mirror and arm on and leave it overnight. I left mine on 24 hours. I have had mine for two years and it still on. I use it for biking and Trikking. I tried others like the Third Eye but can see much better with this one. If there's a better one out there than this, I haven't seen it. I love the oval shape and the wide angle view.Works really well with the Trikke scooter.
henry cm at REI on 04/04/2010

Works great with minor modifications

Highly motivated to use rear view mirror for recent start of commuting on city streets. Read extensive reviews and all products seemed to have limitations. This was in stock at local REI so I bought it realizing I may need to make some changes. I tied the mirror to the arm with a black thread. Substituted the manufacturer's adhesive with double sided sticky foam square adhesive. Easy Peasy. I did not find it hard to get used to and am really happy with how it functions. I wanted a helmet mirror and like that the arm is flexible. Plan to put a little nail polish on the ball of the mirror socket when it gets too loose.
DIinLA at REI on 08/08/2013

Good product

I was initially reluctant to try this product after reading all the negative reviews, but I did not find anything better to use with my road bike. I honestly wanted to throw this mirror away after first couple of rides, as it is not easy to get used to. However, after using it daily for few hundred miles commuting to work on roads with busy traffic, this mirror gets 5 stars from me.

It does not come unglued from the helmet, it stays in position once aligned, and it reliably provides the traffic information that I need to get by.

Does not get any better then that.
Boggy at REI on 06/06/2011

Great Mirror

I have used this mirror nearly daily for recreational road biking during the past few months. It provides an excellent viewing area. I was afraid it wouldn't remain attached since helmets do not allow for full surface contact but this concern has not been realized. The mirror has become detached from the bracket a couple of times when I have not been attentive to where I was placing the helmet after biking. When this occurred it was easily snapped back into position. As long as one is not reckless in handling one's helmet this is an excellent product.
Animal Lover at REI on 10/10/2011

Road Bike Reflection

I have had a handle bar mirror on my hybrid bike. Just bought my first road bike. I tried a helmet mirror and it drove me nuts. This seems a good solution. I am able to see cars, especially if they are wise enough to drive with their lights on. I do bump it getting off or on my bike, but it is easy to readjust. There aren't many options out there for newer road bikes. This seems the best I've been able to find.
snowcycle at REI on 08/08/2013

A must have but costs too much

I had no trouble installing - BUT I wish they give you a spare mount for moving to another helmet. I prefer the gooseneck design as it has survived my helmet being dropped where other, more rigid designs may break! The oval shape is good, but I haven't really figured out how to maximize the benefit of it - perhaps as a wider field of view. All in all helmet mirrors are a must have, but I wish they didn't cost so dang much!
Evan-not-so-Almighty at REI on 11/11/2007

won't ride in the road without this

I have been using this for 3 years. the only problem is the mirror is easily knocked out of the socket. I lost 2 mirrors then I tied the mirror to the arm with thread. never lost another
also never adjust the mirror while riding just stop. I won't go on the street without my mirror.
Its a great product.
GARY11 at REI on 08/08/2013

Negative Reviews:

Not durable, fitting problems

Perhaps this mirror is okay for commuting and other gentle uses. But I got this mirror at last minute to use on a three week, 800-mile bike ride. I bought it because my Surely Long Haul Trucker's gear levers are on the ends of the handle bars and I have no easy way for mounting conventional mirrors, so I thought it would be convenient to have a mirror mounted on my helmet. But I immediately had problems and lost the mirror by the second day.

First, my helmet visor prevented proper mounting, forcing the mirror to be mounted further back than convenient. Second, because the mirror is made to be easily put on and removed, the mirror got knocked off the stem unnoticed while I was loading my bike the second day. The stem soon disappeared after that.

I would not advise using this mirror when you are heavily loaded and have other things to worry about than your mirror. It is not made to stay together if you are the least bit rough with it or preoccupied. Perhaps for light commuting it is adequate, but I would recommend a heavy-duty mirror that mounts on the bike and is made to last. The only mirror that has fit this specification in my experience was my old metal mirror that I had years ago. The new plastic ones that I have tried, though they last longer than this one, just aren't durable when you are riding rough roads or have heavy loads that might throw your frame around when you are loading-unloading, etc.
Laughing Coyote at REI on 08/08/2010

Not as Package Advertising implies

Bought a new helmet, Giro with visor, at REI, also got a CycleAware mirror.
Have a Third Eye mirror on the old helmet for a dozen years or more and love it. Would not bike in NYC, where I live, without it.

Cycleware glue mount was dried out, not even tacky.
Apparently ( from reviews here )using your own glue is often needed.
Mount is flat, not a usual surface on a curved helmet. Information on packaging says : "New and Improved curved base for stronger adhesion"
Perhaps the packaging is new, but not yet the product : dried out adhesion and flat base.

Package also says : "New and improved ball & socket joint for increased longevity"
Perhaps that is old version also, because there is minimal rotation and mirror can easily be dislodged.

After having used a very well made product, Third Eye, for a long time, this does not compare well.

Would like to give a road test to see if there is any value to the design. Will happily amend this review.

Will try my adhesive or velcro. Or dissolve the glue on the Third Eye on the old helmet.
Catskill Mt Two at REI on 05/05/2011

Good Idea, Poorly Designed

I am very disappointed in this product. First of all, the mounting base requires a fairly large, flat space in an apropriate area on your helmet to affix. If you're lucky enough to have that, then you must deal with the weak adhesive and double-sided tape. The foam tape on my unit failed the first time I attemted to detach the mirror from the base. I repaired it with a velcro mounting, which worked much better. The other weak point of the design is the inabilty to maintain adjustment of the mirror and stalk. The mirror swivel is too flimsy, and the gumby-like stalk just won't hold it's position. I bought this item for a six day bike tour, and fussed with it the whole time. It now resides in the back of my bicycle junk box.
mark h. at REI on 08/08/2008

Very delicate high maintenance design

There are many posts about the need for care and maintenance of this mirror and they are all true. The first challenge was the attachment to the helmut that I finally solved with a zip tie. The most frustrating aspect of this mirror for me was the mirror simply falls off the stem with light motion, i.e. adjusting when riding, lifting your arm to load or unload your bike. A good friend had a bad crash related to adjusting this mirror. This MUST BE REMOVED when you are carrying your helmut or the mirror will be gone. Nearly lost mine several times and finally lost it in REI! I do like the idea of a helmut mirror and I hope someone out there will be inspired to design one that works.
paulpod57 at REI on 09/09/2011

It works but....

I initially thought that I was going to be happy with the mirror after I finally got it adjusted but after using it on a few rides I am dissapointed. I did not have any problem with the adhesive coming loose from the helmet but I have had a problem with the mirror falling off of the flexible piece. I was fortunate and found it the first few times that it happened but eventually lost it. I emailed the company asking if replacement mirrors were available and did not get a response. After sending the email I found replacement mirrors on their website but 2 mirrors was almost as much as I paid originally. This one is going back to the store and I'll be giving someone else a try.
mountaincruiser at REI on 09/09/2010

Poor Choice

It has been a struggle to get used to this mirror. It is very difficult to keep in adjustment and the mirror is too small. I finally put superglue in the ball and socket joint and that helped some, but it is still difficult to keep in adjustment because the arm bends easily. Rough road surfaces cause it to vibrate and then it is worthless. I find that I still rely on my handlebar mounted mirror and use this mirror to augment that one since it draws my attention to things coming up behind which I can then check out with the handlebar mirror. I am hopefull that some day it will fall off and then I can trash it.
Doc the biker at REI on 06/06/2011

Good Idea. Poor Execution

Nice idea but the mirror socket broke on the first one I had so I added some silicone tubing to the second one I purchased to reinforce the socket. I didn't get a chance to see how well this worked as the whole thing fell off while I was riding and was lost. [$] down the drain for 2 of them...The helmet mount is designed for flat surfaces and helmets tend to be curved so adhesion is not good. It doesn't help that the force needed to remove the arm from the helmet mount is more than the adhesive strength of the mounting pad. I replaced this with a mirror that mounts to my glasses.
sam-b at REI on 08/08/2008

Mirror is way too small.

This mirror is way too small. I use it as a rear view mirror while biking. Using my shoulder as a reference point, the field of view is extremely narrow - maybe 5-6' wide at most. This should be expected considering the size of the mirror. But I could not find my toddler son on his bicycle behind me without constantly scanning behind me by moving my head side-side. This obviously is not great for keeping eyes on the road in front of me. I'll return this for one with a greater field of vision so that quick checks behind me don't require whole head turns.
reituan at REI on 04/04/2013

Nice mirror, good idea, so-so adhesive

I like this mirror in general: the rotating mount, the flexible wire, etc. It is small but so are all helmet mirrors. I have had trouble making this stick to a Giro Eclipse helmet. From day one, it routinely fell off when just slightly bumped. And detaching the mirror from its mount (a great feature idea) doesn't work, because the whole thing would just rip off the helmet since the adhesive wasn't solid. It would always stay on, but after maybe 15 uses today, it fell off in the road just due to wind - poor adhesive. I'm going to explore alternatives.
Nash Kato at REI on 10/10/2007

Lousy Fastening Method

The adhesive mounting method that comes with this is poor as previously described. The slightest bump will cause the adhesive to fail. They need to change to double sided foam tape to stick it on so it is less fragile and can take a bump. Mine fell off twice. I now have it attached with velcro. It otherwise would get 4 or 5 stars as it is a nice mirror with lots of adjustment.
drool at REI on 10/10/2008

Neutral Reviews:

Effective But Problematic

I've tried several different types of helmet-mounted mirrors, and while I like how adjustable this model is, I've had a problem with losing the mirror after it separated from the arm that holds it. The joint that connects the mirror to the arm is designed to allow the mirrow to clip in and out, and therein lies the problem: when the helmet is subject to routine jostling (i.e., packing and unpacking at a campsite) the mirror can be dislodged. After losing the mirror twice, and having to buy an entire unit to replace the missing mirror (you can't simply buy a replacement mirror), I resorted to hot-gluing a piece of string to the mirror and tying the other end to the flexible arm. Now, when the mirror gets dislodged, I don't lose it--at least not yet! Other than that problem, the mirror offers a good field of view for being small and it can be easily positioned just where you want it.
Arfer at REI on 01/01/2014

Great mirror, cruddy base

I used this mirror on many long tours and when it fell off (usually about every 1000 miles or so) I would actually repurchase it. The best thing you can do is make sure that your helmet is spotless before installing and then to use some epoxy once you know you've got it in the right place. Without adding superglue or epoxy, the ability to remove the mirror from the helmet is pretty much useless.

That being said, its saved me from getting hit at least once, since I can't install handlebar mirrors on my butterfly bars.
Snack Camel at REI on 05/05/2008

I love using a mirror

I ride in the city and frequently deal with lots of traffic. I love having the mirror because cars never surprise me. The image is sharp and I get a good range of view. Just like a car mirror, "objects are closer than they appear" which is good to remember when changing lanes! The only things that I don't like are that the mirror itself will pop off of the arm if it is bumped, and the adhesive gave out after 2 months. I superglued it back on.
AnnH at REI on 06/06/2008