Cycleaware Roadie Bike Mirror

Priced: $20.00 Rated:   - 2 stars out of 5 by 17 reviews.
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Cycleaware Roadie Bike Mirror -

The CycleAware Roadie mirror is a sleek and aerodynamic bar end mirror designed for use on a road bike. It provides an amazingly wide angle view.



  • You can even see a steady image of what's behind you while you're down in the drops


  • Compatible with all handlebars
  • It's lightweight, stable and durable, and adjusts to any viewing angle
  • Roadie mirror stays out of your way during climbs and descents; convex mirror provides a clear and stable reflection
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Dimensions:3.5 x 1.7 inches
Mirror mounting:Handlebar
Weight:2 ounces
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Cycleaware Roadie Bike Mirror Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Best mirror

I have used this system since 2007 and have found it to be the best that I've used so far. I'm always on the lookout for a better product. what I like about it is the simple form and function of the mirror. I can easily place the mirror in a position where I can readily see traffic behind me. They only move if I move them. No problem with road vibration. Mountain biking, would not be suitable, plus your more worried about obstacles, like trees/rocks... As far as the other comments above, I've never hit my mirror with a knee, not even close. They are aerodynamic and seam to flow with the bike. Also the mirrors are concave not flat so you get a much better view of what's behind me. True you don't get detail but all I care about is are there lights behind me at night or is there a car or other rider day or night. This all comes with my head in a straight view of the road. When I glance to check my speed, distance or elapsed time I can also check my "six o'clock". Highly recommended and have given as gifts several times before and am shopping now for more gifts for family. Enjoy.
russ42 at REI on 12/12/2013

Like the mirror, dislike the mount.

I had a Sprintech mirror on my bike for a couple of years and disliked the view in the mirror as it was a bit too convex and showed cars as tiny objects, not giving me enough warning on their approach. I took a chance and bought the CycleAware Roadie Bike Mirror and the mirror surface was less convex than the Sprintech mirror. The CycleAware mount really is poor though, allowing a lot of mirror vibration and gets bumped out of position easily.

Solution was to use the Sprintech rubber bar end plug and combined with the CycleAware mirror resulted in a 5 star, vibration free mount and it stays where you aim it... with a better view of what is approaching behind you.
rider at REI on 08/08/2011

Pretty good solution to a simple problem

This easy-to-mount mirror works well for me, with only two cons. The wide-angle image quality is only fair, but certainly adequate for its intended use. Others have complained about the mirror not being able to stay in adjustment. I used this mirror for a 15 mile ride, partly on paved roads and partly on a paved bike path. Aside from one bump, the mirror retained its adjustment. On that one occasion I quickly readjusted the mirror, never losing cadence. I'd recommend this product.
Jim Shapiro at REI on 10/10/2010

works for me

This mirror needs getting used to. This product is compatible with what is available in the market. I like it for the small size and ease of adjustment. For the purpose of just seeing (sensing) what's behind this mirror serves its function well.
run, run, run at REI on 05/05/2011

I can see you

Allows me to see cars, especially those that have their lights on. Way easier to use than the helmet variety. I seem to hit in with my knee when getting on or off my bike, but it is super easy to readjust.
snowcycle at REI on 08/08/2013

Negative Reviews:

Don't buy this one!

buy the Cateye instead- here's why:

I recently got interested in a mirror because I started winter riding (and, ok, I confess, riding with an ipod) and felt that I couldn't hear cars coming with the hat on.

The Cateye mirror is simple, straightforward, reasonable quality, inexpensive, and does the job- what else could you want? It will get bumped out of place eventually, so you'll have to reach down and re-set it- pretty easy to get it where you want it. (I guess they were thinking that if it is designed to "give," it might not break if you let the bike drop- but I haven't tried that.) You may also bump it if you like to ride with your grip "down" on the ends of the drop bars. The mirror gives a nice big view.

Do not buy the CycleAware. (CycleAware and Sprintech are identical). Two show-stopper problems- the image is way too small, and your knee will block half the image as well. The mirror was useless- I returned it after a couple of rides. Cateye solves this problem by setting the mirror a few inches out from the end of the drop bar.

The only negative with the Cateye is that it is not Aero. Hey Cateye- I would gladly have paid 4 times the price for a slightly more refinded aero version. Until then, go with this one, it works.
quality guy at REI on 12/12/2010

Bad junk

This mirror is vastly inferior to a similar product made by Sprintech. I wanted something for a little bit of rearview for training rides, for commuting, but that I didn't have to take on and off the bike for more serious rides. The idea is sound -- a convex mirror at the end of the drop bar, with an aero shape that won't catch wind or be obtrusive. But this product stinks. The mirror surface is extremely low quality, giving a rippled, wavy image. The ball and socket which hold the mirror is very low quality and has no grab to it. The mirror is easily jostled out of position, so that you just never know what you will be seeing when you glance down for the mirror. The Sprintech one that I have on my other bike is much, much better, although still not the be-all end all of mirrors. But it still has less dork factor than the helmet-mounted clip-ons or the really big, high-mounted ones.
Dr. Pablito at REI on 10/10/2010

Returning this thing

Been trying to find a decent mirror for my drop handlebar road bike. I picked this up because it looked sleek and elegant and tried it out on a century ride yesterday. The problem is the ball and socket design doesn't allow the mirror to be tightened into place once you have it adjusted. So every bump in the road shakes the mirror out of adjustment. Every time I'd look down it would be pointing in some random direction and not back behind me. When one wants to glance in the mirror to see what's coming up behind, one does not want to be fussing with the mirror adjustment with one hand. I'm not sure what the better solution is, but I'll be looking at the versions that have a screw to tighten the mirror into place once it is adjusted properly.
Texas Diver at REI on 09/09/2010

Nothing but frustration

I purchased this mirror for my new road bike. I loved the sleek design for drop bars on a road bike.

The mirror its self is cheap and has a great deal of distortion like a fun house mirror. With a rider standing 3' feet behind me they looked as though they were very small and very far away.

Also the ball joint doesn't have enough tension to hold the placement. So even on paved bike trails the vibration constantly makes the mirror useless. I either spend my ride fussing with the mirror or giving up on it totally.

Several bike savvy friends have tried to tweek it for me as well. As a collective group we give it a thumbs down. I am returning the mirror it simply doesn't work.
Newfy Mom at REI on 04/04/2012

Needs Improvement

It might just be that the extra handlebar tape that overlaps the end of the tube where you insert the mirror is too thick so the mirror isn't seated properly or something, but for me the mirror never stays in the position I want it in. It needs constant adjusting such that it is virtually worthless for me. I can't just look down and get a glimpse of behind; I have to adjust it any time I want to look behind me because it has vibrated out of adjustment.
Lifeisshort at REI on 09/09/2013

Won't hold adjustment

I was looking for a mirror for my road bike's drop bars. This mirror will not hold its adjustment. Any vibration on the road will quickly cause it to drift out of position. Disappointing as it installed easy enough, and everything seemed to fit tight, but just a short ride over a few minor bumps on pavement and the mirror was out of position. The oval image wasn't the greatest either. Took it back and exchanged it for the "Third Eye Bar End Mirror". Much better mirror.
BQW at REI on 09/09/2010

very poor

I really can't add much more to what others have said. If is really easy to install but what is the point? First , as stated , it keeps moving around & thus one has to always readjust it by looking down ( Which is in itself dangerous ) .
Plus , if you are wearing any type of sunglasses it simply does not work.
Please stop selling this & start to stock stuff that is functional.
buffaloboro at REI on 08/08/2012

Poor image quality, unusable

Installed great on the bar end, but image quality was terrible. More convex at edges than center, uneven distortion across the plastic mirror. Lots of road vibration. Unlike a helmet- or glasses-mounted mirror, you can't 'scan' with a handlebar-mounted mirror, which also makes it less useful. I returned it after 1 commute.
cheaka at REI on 09/09/2011

No bueno

I ended up returning this. The placement on the bottom of the drop bar just didn't work, but more than that it just never stayed in place; even the smallest bumps on the road would cause the mirror to completely change positions.

Not a functional product.
Captain Awesome at REI on 05/05/2013


The mirror's quality is not great, and it vibrates out of position too easily.
Bob192 at REI on 12/12/2013

Neutral Reviews:

Useful mirror

This mirror installs easily. It is definitely better than no mirror, but the size is rather small and thus you can only see a limited area behind you. The reflective quality is not what I would like; it is not as clear as mirror glass, but it is also much lighter than a glass mirror. My main issue is that it does not stay in position very well. The smallest touch (my knee, etc.) moves it and then I have to align it again. It does not seem to move with road vibration, tho, so that's a plus.
Beeze at REI on 09/09/2013

doesn't work well

May fit well on some bikes but not mine. I put on my Novara fusion bike and it doesn't adjust to give a good rear view. Purchased Mirracle mirror and it performs much better.
adventure larry at REI on 09/09/2010