Dynaflex Lighted Gyro Power Ball

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Dynaflex Lighted Gyro Power Ball
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Color: Amber
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Dynaflex Lighted Gyro Power Ball -

Build strength while improving coordination in your hands and forearms with the Dyna-Flex™ Power Ball.


Traction and Grip:

  • Easy-grip outer sphere allows increased control and prolonged usage
  • Get the edge in rock climbing and any other sport that requires control and a strong grip


  • Aids in the prevention of repetitive stress injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • The faster the unit runs, the brighter the lights will be until your whole hand is engulfed in a bright glow
  • Generates up to 32 lbs. of gyroscopic pressure when maximum RPMs (13,000) are reached
  • Variable resistance is achieved by increasing or decreasing the speed; therapeutic for hands, wrists, arms, biceps and triceps
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Weight:9 ounces

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Dynaflex Lighted Gyro Power Ball Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

Effective forearm workout

First of all, this thing really works. I saw some reviews on another site saying it was a toy....no way! After you spin it for few minutes your forearms will be pumped; keep going and it will really start to burn. I have not had it long enough to comment on long term conditioning but it gives me that same pumped out feeling I get towards the end of a climb so I'm guessing it will really improve my conditioning. Make sure you try the upside down movement with your fingertips shown in the video. The nice part is that it does not cause any real stress on the connective tissue in your fingers like some of the gripper type devices that I have tried.

I would not get any of the sizes smaller than this one because it probably would not be strong enough. If you're a real beast (5.12+) the company website is now showing an even bigger one; but, this one generates sufficient force for me.

Its not as difficult to use as people say. It takes a few minutes to figure out- much less if you just watch the video that comes with the gyro. (I suggest you watch the video anyway...it made me laugh like heck).

You can also substantially vary the intensity of the workout by how fast you spin the gyro. This is a nice feature that is inherent in the device.

The string works fine to get it started. Just make sure you pull it straight out otherwise it can get wrapped around the spindle. This happened to me the first day but not since. You can work the string out with a paper clip.

Finally, this thing is not very rugged. I got one for my friend; he dropped in on a hard surface and the shell became dislocated. (note that while you are really spinning it, its easy to drop because it generates a lot of force). Luckily, we were able to take it apart an snap it back in place.
R1000 at REI on 01/01/2010


I am not a climber (I've always struggled doing just one pull-up) but I really enjoy using the Dyno-Flex. It really helps build muscle strength in your entire hand and lower arm - you can even feel it working on your upper arms and shoulder if you hold your arms out straight or above your head. Once you get it up to a high speed the sensation is very intense and exciting as you try to to maintain the gyroscopic forces. Everyone is correct that it does take a bit of practice to learn how to start and maintain the gyroscope. I never had much luck with the string. One thing you can do is roll it quickly on a smooth clean surface and then quickly hold your arm out and start rotating your wrist in a controlled steady manor, don't fight against the Dyno-Flex, rather let it guide your wrist around, keeping a steady rotation. If you keep this up it will pick up a lot of speed. As you get to higher and higher speeds your wrist will be moving in a much smaller circle as you try to contain the powerful gyroscopic forces.

The more you do it the easier it becomes to start it and control its speed. Also, as it strengthens your hand muscles you will eventually be able to start it with a few swipes from your thumb and no longer need the string or a clean flat surface. And you will have an awesome handshake!
orionallen at REI on 06/06/2010

Suprising product

I was skeptical of this little ball upon first glance. I've used the stereotypical squeeze toys for hand strength, and have found they do give a good pump after a while. I bought this on an impulse and can say I'm happy I did.

Not only does this gizmo work your forearm and hand strength, but depending on how you hold it you can also work you triceps, biceps, and shoulder muscles. Also you can vary the intensity but increasing or decreasing the speed.

I will say that it is difficult to start without the string at first. However, you can start it without the string but flicking the little rotor with your thumb. If you lost your sting or didn't recieve one like I did, you can use a small round shoe lace (think dress shoe) to start the rotor. It takes some practice to manipulate the rotor speed, but once you understand how to move your hand it's prety easy afterwards. It took me about 10mins of tinkering.

Overall it's a durable and relatively cheap training tool that can be used almost anywhere. One more note, it does produce a noticeable buzz when it's up at speed, but nothing obnoxious. Check out tha manufacture website for tutorials if you're having trouble.
mtbiker278 at REI on 10/10/2008

Not only for climbers

Our chiropractor suggested this product to my son, who is a violinist and was starting to develop wrist problems. Playing the violin, you develop the lower arm muscles in an unbalanced way. The Dyna-flex ball restores the balance. Just a few minutes a day for a few days made my son's wrist pain disappear. After that experience, I gave another ball to my other son, who is a computer scientist and was developing carpal tunnel from too much typing. He also had an immediate benefit and soon didn't have to use wrist braces anymore. After that, I gave gyro balls to many friends and relatives (including a drummer) who had carpal tunnel in the early stages. All had immediate benefits. This ball is not only for climbers!!! (and I should get a discount for buying so many of them!)
amgeorg at REI on 08/08/2010

Definitely recommended for wrist pain

If I could change one thing about this product, it would be I wished it came to my attention earlier. I was suffering from wrist mobility problems for a few months since summer and I don't have the money to see a doctor about it. A fellow recommended me this product after seeing me at the gym having issues lifting weights. I took his advice and surprisingly, it helped out a LOT! My wrist feels better when i turn it and now I can grip heavy objects easily. I love it and I will post again when it fully heals which hopefully will be soon!
myclimbingisalligot at REI on 12/12/2011

Best Hand Exercister PERIOD!

I love this product and am a true believer in their effectiveness. I have the basic Pro that doesnt light up and the blue light up Powerball. Both are awesome.

Now I can condition and strengthen my grip and forearms right at home sitting watching TV or at the computer. It doesnt take a whole lot to really feel it working in your forearms when you first start out. I show this product to anybody with wrist or hand issues too.

I heard they have some sort of metal or iron ones now too. I may have to step up to those soon!
JohnLType0 at REI on 10/10/2010

A fun toy

I do not use this as a training tool. This is purely a fun toy for me. While I play with it, my arms do get tired, but I have not been noticing or expecting and real strength increase in my arm (although it is possible.)

If you are looking to buy this for someone as a gift, I highly recommend it. If you are looking to get down and dirty for some training, I would file this away as one of those training gadgets that might work, and go buy one of the simpler hand trainers.
Murdlih at REI on 10/10/2007


I've been using Dynaflex brand powerballs for almost four years now and I love them. They're a great workout, they're fun, and you can take them pretty much anywhere. They're a great way to pass the time while stuck in traffic or on a long drive. They wear down over time from dirt getting inside them but that's to be expected from gyro.

These are great for rehabbing hands/wrists/forearms or simply for working out. I highly recommend getting one of these to pretty much anyone, building hand strength/endurance comes in handy in pretty much any sport.
imchipwood at REI on 11/11/2010

Fun way to up strength and coordination

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who is a pretty avid climber - I'm more of a recreational climber. We both use it to better our strength and coordination, and it is a fun, creative way to do so. It takes a while to get used to because it was sort of a foreign concept for me, but I really enjoy using it now. I feel as though it has improved the strength in my forearms, but I would recommend doing something more to strengthen your hands.
Kristian Rose at REI on 03/03/2012

Excellent Product

This is an excellent forearm strengthening device. For everyone who says otherwise, your doing it wrong. If you get full rotation of the wrist (flexing back is the hardest part) 5 minutes seems like torture. I keep it in my car and use it when driving to work. It is somewhat hard to start without the string but if you run it on your pant leg it is doable. I used to have one of those stress balls but it popped and poppy seeds went everywhere. Overall, excellent product.
Boulderclimb at REI on 07/07/2008

Negative Reviews:

Not a good product especially for the $

This product is very hard to "start". When I eventually got the string to start the Gyro after only four pulls the string got jamed inside the mechanism. Great idea but it should include a "starter" which is "sold separtely". Hopefully they will quit trying to sell add ons and just include the starter.

Good Luck

Big D
Big Dog at REI on 09/09/2007