Eno SlapStrap PRO

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Eno SlapStrap PRO
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Color: Black
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Eno SlapStrap PRO -

Designed to fit around large trees and posts, the ENO SlapStrap Pro system sets your hammock up in just seconds.



  • 24 in. longer than the original SlapStraps, the Pro straps are designed to fit around large trees and posts

Support and Cushioning:

  • Each strap can support 200 lbs., for a combined capacity of 400 lbs.


  • Straps are designed specifically for ENO hammocks but work with most hammocks on the market
  • Multiple attachment points on each strap enable versatile hammock setup between 2 points up to 20 ft. apart
  • 2 straps per package


  • Easily attach to trees, roof racks, rocks and whatever else you can find
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Activity:Family & car camping
Folded dimensions:Unavailable
Material:Nylon webbing
Unfolded dimensions:114 x 0.75 inches
Weight:8 ounces
Weight capacity (lbs):(Per strap) 200 pounds
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Eno SlapStrap PRO Reviews:

Positive Reviews:


I just got my slap straps on a couple days ago. We went out to give 'em a good try-out. I was worried after reading so many reviews of them being two stretchy, but I didn't suffer this inconvenience. Two of us layed in the hammock for several hours and did not see excessive (or any) sag! They were just great. I would say that if I had any complaints about the product they would be that there are not enough attach points. At least one strap should have points every 6'' instead of every 12''. I like to keep the hammock nice and taught, and I fell about 3'' short of being able to stretch it quite that far. It is possible to strap around the side of the tree so it self sinches, but then when you adjust yourself it bounces itself loose a little. The only other complaint I could say is that I seen a 'snag' where the tree caught a piece of thread and pulled it out a little. This didn't hurt anything, but makes me worry they won't last as long as I like them to.
Overall great product!
Naters at REI on 06/06/2011


Basically, I love these straps, but when it comes to overnight camping (or longer) they've left me wanting a little bit more. The straps are great, I can casually sling my ENO hammock up in 2 minutes flat. Tearing down is almost just as fast as well. I've had them for a little over a year now and I have used them dozens of times during rest stops on my hiking trips. I've strapped them to many different kinds of trees and rocks; considering this I'm surprised that they don't look very worn at all. I only have one complaint, when I lay in my hammock overnight they stretch significantly. When at first I'm set up 2 feet above the ground, I'll be touching the ground by morning. I'm 170 lbs, which is a far cry from its advertised weight capacity. Once I find a pair of straps that are strong enough to hold me overnight without stretching too far, I will still continue to use my pro slapstraps. I love to hike with them, yet face that one small issue.
JSLogan at REI on 12/12/2013

Get your bounce on

Decided on the pro after reading reviews. With this length I'm usually able to find trees close enough, especially in the woods. More in a park setting I have had to extend them with other rope. Before I got these I used one of those yellow racheting car tie down straps. They worked great and can get really long, but would damage bark if I wasn't careful. I still bring that car camping in case I need to attach it to the slapstrap. The only con really is that they are SUPER stretchy. When extended fully they have to be put about 7 feet on the tree to not hit the ground with two people. I like to swing dangerously in the hammock and I have hit my bootie on the ground more than once. Of course that is my own fault. Overall, if the yellow tie downs didn't hurt the trees I'd just stick with them.
Scandiffio at REI on 10/10/2008

Better Than I Expected

I purchased these straps after discovering the hard way that 550 cord is not strong enough. I have used these straps several times, both by myself and also sharing my Eno Doublenest with my fiance. THe first time I used them, I noticed a small amount of stretch, but nowhere near that amount I was expecting based off of some of the rant reviews here. The only change that I would make to the product is to add one more attachment point closer to the end of the strap that wraps around the tree. I found that if you have two smaller tress that happen to be just long enough to hang the hammock between, there are no attachment points close enough to the trees.
tcjrod at REI on 07/07/2013

Best Straps for your ENO Hammock

Straps are fantastic. You won't find these in your local store which is a complete disappointment. These weigh the same as the normal Slap Straps, the difference is that these are thinner and longer. They support up to 400 pounds and I have even sat in my hammock with 450 pounds and they were fine! I have some friends that have made straps using [$] with webbing but that requires knots and adjustments. With these, you set them up and you are done. A tip I have found is that the sweet spot is one looser then taught. Just make sure you set the straps at neck level so you don't touch the ground. Enjoy!
Jon Meadowbrook at REI on 12/12/2010


Just got them in the mail today. I decided on the "pro" model because the regular slap straps had some negative reviews as far as being to short to wrap around stout trees. From my judgement it seems like eno has made the "pro" model plenty long enough... they are roughly 9 ft. long so they should wrap around trees up to around 2.5 ft. in diameter. After trying some different set ups in the back yard I found out they also will work well on smaller trees, I even secured it to a fence post, you just have to wrap it around smaller diameter objects enough times to take all the slack out.
jsburge at REI on 07/07/2008

Worth it

I was really on the fence on whether to get these for my ENO DoubleNest, but I'm glad I did.

My camping buddy also has a DoubleNest and thought it was silly to spend the money when you could use cheaper/lighter straps or rope. It got to be funny each night watching him take ten times longer to get his hammock set up and adjusted right while I was relaxing in mine giving him 'helpful' advice. After three days he was converted and is getting some too.
miholic at REI on 08/08/2013

Quick and Easy

This strap is SOoooo easy to set up your hammock anywhere. The strap does stretch...but after reading numerous reviews...I start hanging it above my head level 5'10"...and I weigh 160 lbs., so it is not an issue for me waking up with my butt on the ground.

I've never set up a hammock before...and my 1st time using it...I slept like a baby through the night...ZZzzzzzzzz
Svenn at REI on 07/07/2011

Setup In Seconds

These straps are a little pricey and you may be able to rig something similar up yourself, but these do work great and make setup very fast and very easy. I use mine with my ENO, a friend of mine who owns a Clark Jungle Hammock was so impressed by them that he went out and bought a pair for his hammock as well.
cdadamo at REI on 03/03/2010

Nice product

Will use again, made setup easy.

Streatched a bit found my bottom on the ground the first morning (Im about 180lbs)

Easy to use no marks on trees. Also used by 220lb adult with a 60lb kid bouncing on him! Not to hard to make on your own and other options are lighter and smaller.
hammocksleeper at REI on 08/08/2011

Negative Reviews:


I used these straps for a few hangs of my hammock including a 2 day overnight camping trip. This is what i found out...

The Good: They are super easy to attach to tree and to my eno double nest hammock. They are light weight, easy to pack, come with a little sack (which i use as a gear pouch on my adjustable structural ridgeline). They didnt stretch THAT MUCH... for me. Im 160lbs and 6'2" (tall and skinny)

The Bad: Not much room for adjustability (example: your trees have to be the perfect distance apart, otherwise one side will be at the desired 30degree angle and the other will be at 20 or less, meaning that one side will be much closer to the tree, throwing your tarp ridgeline and bug net ridgeline off) they do stretch a little with me so im sure much more with bigger people. The attachment loops are also a good 6+ inches apart again leading to little adjustability.

Im not completely knocking on the slapstraps, because they are super easy to hang on a tree and attach your hammock to, BUT if you intend to sleep through the night on this thing i wouldnt recommend them.

Conclusion: If you wanna just chill in the back yard or woods for a few hours on your hammock go for it and get them, they are easy. But if you intend to sleep in your hammock (camping, backpacking, etc.) these are not for you!!!!! when you are on a trip you never know what the trail will bring so you need maximum adjustablity to adapt to situations. and you also dont want your bum on the ground come sun up. Thats my two cents and im sticking to it. I've already purchased replacment suspension for my hammock.
Taco13 at REI on 07/07/2011

Waste of Money

I picked these up when I first started hammock camping, and they now sit unused in my closet. I dislike them for several reasons.

The Pros

-Quick to set up

The Cons (Begin Rant)

1) My main complaint is that it be difficult get the proper tension on my hammock when using these straps. Granted, they are quick and simple to wrap around a tree and clip in (I use carabiners on my Clark hammock), but nearly every single time I have camped with these straps, that perfect 'spot' on the straps where I could need to clip in to get the correct tension to make my hammock comfortable would be located between 2 of the loops. To fix this I would have to rehang the straps or untie and readjust my carabiners.

2) They are weak. The listed rating on these straps is something like 250-300 lbs. What if you want to have a second person in the hammock? I guess you cant... My guess is that this is because the loops are separate lengths of webbing sewn onto the main strap this might creates a weak point.

3) Overpriced. I have since bought 2 lengths of climbing webbing that are listed at 800 lbs for less than $5 for the pair.

This is a neat idea in theory, but one that fails in execution. Do yourself a favor. Go buy yourself some climbing webbing (straps) and LEARN TO TIE A BOWLINE KNOT! Its something everyone should know. That will allow you to set up your hammock faster, adjust the tension quicker, bear twice the weight, and is 5x less expensive.

(End Rant)
ItsTooFlatInTexas at REI on 11/11/2011

Belive the

The theory behind the design is good. ENO's choice of material however, is not. When used at their full length, they're only slightly less elastic than bungee cord. If they'd have used something with less elasticity (A LOT less) this would be a great product. That said, for lighter people (less than 130lb (59kg) these "might" not be too elastic.
Also, they're only load rated to 200lbs where the hammock is rated at 400. Big safety issue here! The literature is misleading, in my opinion. Yes, 200+200=400 but that's not how a hammock works
Example: A 200lb load in a hammock hung at 30 degrees generates 200lbs of tension on each strap (too close for comfort) But that's a static load, not a dynamic one, so be sure to lay perfectly still otherwise any "bounce" will increase the tension over the rated limit. At 20 degrees the tension increases to 292 lbs. Incidentally , at 20 degrees, a 130lb person would generate 190lbs of tension, still within the rating but cutting it close. But the strap material is so elastic that most likely you'd be on the ground. So what now? Pull it tighter (decreas the hang angle)? At 5 degrees that 130lb load is now generating over 700lbs of tension, well over the max.!
The options are:
Choice A) Hang it with a high angle so that when you get in it stretches and you end up on the ground
B) pull it tight and risk a failure
C) hang high accomodate the stretch, with a steep enough angle to negate loading issues and need a ladder to get in?
Rob In AL at REI on 07/07/2012

These should not be sold

It is a real shame that Eno makes these. I suspect all Eno dealers have to carry them, and many hammock purchasers are "let down" because of it.

Tree straps (aka Simple Slings) are wonderful to use for hammock suspension, but Eno's decision to continue in making them from nylon is just wrong.

Tree straps should be made of polyester or polyethlene. Nylon stretches and absorbs water, (making it more susceptible to mildew and rot). Think about needing to retension your nylon tent fly - especially after it gets wet. The old polyester tent flys didn't need this. When you have 150-200 pounds on the nylon the result is you go to sleep hanging above the ground and wake up laying on it. (sometimes several times a night). Polyester simple slings (tree straps) do not have this problem.

Secondly there is the matter of price. You can retail purchase custom (choose color, patterns, length, and loop size) 3/4" or 1" polyester webbing simple slings for about half the cost of these.

I do not fault REI for carrying these. Nylon tree straps still beat hurting trees with rope, but there is really no excuse for ENO to continue manufacturing and selling a product made from material not suited for the task.
mattblick at REI on 10/10/2012

stretch waaaaaaay too much!

Ok, first thing to know is that this review is coming from the viewpoint of a backpacker. That being said, here we go.

These straps would be great if all you did was car camp or hung in the backyard; they're very simple and easy to set up. HOWEVER, these straps stretch WAY too much! The reason being is because they're made of Nylon, which stretches over time. Because of this, I DO NOT recommend these for backcountry camping. Believe me when I say it's no fun to wake up with your backside on the ground. These straps would be great if made of poly or another type of webbing...nylon just isn't the right material. If ENO ever makes these out of something besides nylon, I'll definitely buy them.

So to recap, great for car camping...horrible for overnight, backcountry camping. The design is simple and easy. However, if you plan to spend any significant amount of time in them, be prepared to hang higher than usual, otherwise you'll end up on the ground.
WarEagle86 at REI on 03/03/2011

Bogus straps

I do a LOT of backpacking and I NEVER sleep on the ground. I use the ENO double nest hammock which is great. However, these straps are bogus. I have used them at least 6 times now. Every time without fail, they stretch so much that I end up no where near flat, and my back is on the ground. Every time I have had to get up during the night and tighten the straps. This helps minimally because after I tighten it to the next loop, it stretches again and when I get up the second time, I can't pull it tight enough to catch another loop. Much better to just add a carabiner to 10 feet of non stretchable rope, loop that around the tree, then use a figure 9 rope tightener where you connect to the hammock. This sets up just as easy & quickly as the straps and you won't be up adjusting it during the night.
Shane 1 in Utah at REI on 07/07/2011

Don't bother with these

These straps are made of nylon, which makes them stretchy like rubber bands. The only way to set up my hammock with these is to pull it tight like a guitar string between two trees and hope that it'll stop sagging before hitting the ground. It makes the hammock virtually impossible to pitch with a tarp (because I have to pitch it completely horizontal), and I always end up on the ground. My hammock was largely useless until I got an alternative suspension system made from non stretching polypropylene or polyester.

The design other than the choice of material is fine, but the material is so bad that everything else is moot. Maybe if you're less than 100lbs this would be okay.
ChiTownHiker at REI on 05/05/2013

A Far stretch from Home Folks!!

I have three sets of these straps, and all I can say, is they keep each other good company in my shed.

The memory and tensile strength is such, that by the morning, your behind is on the ground. Or below!!

I use REI climbing rope - which works wonderfully, and won't stretch anywhere near the amount these straps do.

The rope works hard and is versatile, while the straps hardly work at all.

For day use, the slap straps will work. But for a good nights' sleep, have the folks at REI cut you a piece of climbing rope.
Ben.Zef at REI on 02/02/2012

Do not use these straps

I use a hammock when hiking and camping. I would NOT use these straps other than for a nap in the yard.

These straps are very stretchy. This has a negative impact on the way the hammock hangs. Instead of nylon straps you should use polyester webbing (similar to your seatbelt). The polyester will not stretch overnight leaving you dragging on the ground and will generally be stronger and less likely to break.

If you want some great information on materials to use and the correct way to hang a hammock I suggest visiting the hammock forums website.
Topper1963 at REI on 04/04/2011

Don't use these

I use my hammock for sleeping instead of a tent. These straps are made from Nylon which stretches, really messing up the way the hammock hangs. If you are interested in getting real gear for hammocking that does not stretch use polyester strapping. You can also find great information on the hammock forums website about the proper materials and way to hang a hammock.

With these straps you will wake up on the ground because they stretch! If you want to use them in your yard for naps they will most likely be fine.
Archer18 at REI on 03/03/2011

Neutral Reviews:

A good start

Slap straps are for people who want to conveniently hang a typical camping hammock. And that they do with ease. but thats it.

the good.

they are easy. they make sense just from looking at them so anybody can use them and they dont have to put much thought into their use. You dont have to learn a bunch about suspension to make these work, you can just look loop and clip, easy. If someone uneducated on it tried to use my ultralight suspension they would be confused at best and hurt them selves at worst, so Easy can sometimes be worth the space that these take up.

I like that ENO is promoting webbing straps instead of rope like other companies, rope IS bad for trees, so it is nice that ENO is pushing people to use webbing instead, GO ENO.

The prostraps are just as effective as the regular slap straps and they are a bit smaller. I dont think any one really needs the extra strength of the regular slap straps unless you anticipate a bunch of dumb kids piling into the hammock all at once or someone who is really over weight. So I think the pro straps are an improvement.
They do what they are supposed to do and are relatively portable.

the bad

both kinds of straps are bulky as hell compaired to advanced Hammock camping suspensions and tree straps. Even the huge rope biner tree strap suspension I have on my DoubleNest now is smaller and more portable than either of the eno straps.

Another product out there python straps is an improvement on both kinds of straps. they take a bit less space as the pro straps has the same strength and has tons and tons more loops to adjust your hammock with.

I have had the regular slap straps for a few years but when I upgraded I bypassed both the pro straps AND the Python straps in favor of lighter more adjustable, though complex and harder to find, suspensions.

The slap straps or the pro straps are not perfect suspensions, but they are decent beginner suspensions. I used these straps on many a trip and they kept me in the tree long enough to keep my interest up to be willing to learn some better suspension methods. So while I dont plan on using these kinds of straps any longer I think highly of them and would recommend them to beginner hammockers.
AlanValentinus at REI on 02/02/2012

Needs updated

I fly on a military cargo plane and while in flight I set up my hammock and sleep in the cargo bay. This product has worked great for me with one exception. The loops to hook the hammock to are spaced every 12 inches, and at least one of the straps needs to have loops every 6 inches, this would all you to achieve a much tighter hammock. I have run into many of trees and cargo that has been spaced 6 inches too far to have a nice tight comfy hammock! Lucky for me, I took the straps to our parachute shop and they put some more loops on it.
Crabs Free at REI on 06/06/2011

Easier to use, but could be better

So, many reviews complain about the slapstraps stretching. They do. Absolutely. I have not slept in them over night, but when I set up my EMO Doublenest in the park, unless I rigged the hammock very high, it wasn't too hard to end up with my butt on the ground.

I've ordered some polyester webbing, after reading that the poly doesn't stretch like nylon does.

However, these straps are a super fast way to set up your hammock. I can throw them and the hammock in my bike bag, and take the comfort anywhere. I think they work best for day use, versus an overnight.
jkellerphoto at REI on 07/07/2011

Pretty Nice

I got this product today, and I set it up in my backyard to test it out. I do have to agree that it stretches after awhile, and I am looking forward to using it when on my next hiking or camping trip. When I got my ENO, I used tie down straps as my suspension because at the time I didn't want to spend $25 on some straps, but I was at the store today and decided why not. The straps make the hammock much more comfortable than the tie down straps. The sides of the hammock aren't making you tightened in the hammock.
Johnny Jiver at REI on 08/08/2012

there ok..

they strech way too much. i set my hammock up so that the middle of my hammock was about 4 feet off the ground. after laying in it of a while, my butt was about a foot from the ground. it think had i layed there any longer, my butt would have touched the ground.

you can make basically the same thing with 550 paracord or any rope and they will weigh a little less.
wrestlerman38 at REI on 05/05/2011