Snow Peak Titanium Spork

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Snow Peak Titanium Spork -

The Titanium Spork by Snow Peak is made for keeps. The perfect travel and packpacking companion, Snow Peak's vastly versatile Cutlery is fashioned to make camping and backpacking even lighter on your load. The all titanium designs keep weight and size at it minimum while providing a more sanitary eating material. Titanium's natural composition creates a antibacterial film over the surface during oxidization. This will be the last camp cutlery set you ever buy.

SPECIFICATIONS of the Snow Peak Titanium Spork.


  • Twice the weight savings--not only is titanium light, but you need only carry a single utensil cutting the weight you carry even further
  • single utensil may be used as either a spoon or a fork.
  • Wt. 7.1 oz (210 g)
  • Designed deep enough to function as a spoon but with four prongs for normal fork functionality
  • Titanium leaves no metallic smell or taste and will not rust.
The Snow Peak Titanium Spork is the lightest weight piece of cutlery you will find and it does the job of 2 utensils in 1.
The Spork is the incredible combination of the Spoon and Fork, undoubtedly the largest evolution in cutlery since the knife.
Snow Peak makes the best camping utensils, and this spork is a great example.
What do you get when you combine a spoon and a fork? You get the ultimate eating utensil, the Spork. Make this utensil out of titanium and you have Snow Peak's ultra-light Spork, weighing in at only 1/2 ounce. The meticulously engineered tip of the Spork makes it an all-purpose eating utensil. Because it is made of titanium you will experience no metallic smell or taste. Also, it does not rust like other metals. There is no other way to go for serious lightweight hiking.


Ultimate light titanium cutlery. This ultra-light piece of cutlery can be used as both a fork and a spoon. A hole in the handle is convenient for various uses. This is a piece of cutlery that is perfect for both solo camping and, of course, for small children.

Titanium cutlery is extremely lightweight, and provides virtually no metallic smell or taste. Weighing just 0.6 oz, this single utensil may be used as either a spoon or a fork.


What do you get when you cross a lightweight titanium spoon with a lightweight titanium fork? The ultimate eating utensil!


Half-Moon Outfitters
Twice the weight savings--not only is titanium light, but this is the only utensil you will need.
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Country of Origin:Japan
Dimension:6 1/2 x 1 5/8"
Dimensions:6.5 in x 1.6 in (16.5 cm x 4 cm)
Nonstick Surface:no
Pot Grabber:no
Weight:0.6 ounces
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Snow Peak Titanium Spork Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

This isn't the Colonel's Spork

KFC doesn't come close to this Spork. This bad boy is rough and tumble and won't back down from chopping, pulling or anything else needed to breakdown your dinner into bite sized morsels. The sporks you get at the Colonel's place are best used for the mashed potato and gravy. Anything more than that and it's a broken utinsel leaving you with finger food. The Snow Peak Spork is full sized, light weight and extremely durable. You can count on it making through an entire meal without breaking mid way through. We've tried the plastic models in the past and they are either too small or easily broken. The Snow Peak model fits your hand just right making the meal at the end of a long day on the trail a relaxing affair instead of a struggle to get to the finish before the Spork breaks. We plan on buying more and putting them in our emergency kit. This product is the real deal. Don't waste yor time buying cheap plastic models. Get one that will last a long time.
Bean Creek at Campmor on 12/12/2011

Best [$] ever spent!

I've owned this spork for about three years now, and it is awesome. I never thought I could be so passionate about a utensil, but this thing is great.

The tines of the spork are longer than most others I've seen, which means you can *actually* use it as a fork if you need to spear something. But the depth of the spoon also means you can get a fair amount of liquid in it as well. It works best with creamy things like pastas or oatmeal.

It weighs almost nothing and is super durable.

The only slight criticism is that the keeper hole at the end is pretty small; it's really only suited to running a string or cord through (not something like a carabiner). It's just barely long enough to stir in a tall mug (the kind that is designed to attach on its own stove), but you might want something slightly longer if that's your primary use.
Mountain Meredith at REI on 05/05/2011

Great Investment

I love this spork! The REI ti-ware spork is going to come in a close second (since snow peak came out with this product first); don't bother buying the sporks with the wire handles that fold down. Those wire handles aren't made of titanium so you trade "foldability" with weight.

This spork is awesome. I bought mine five years ago and used it the first day I got it to eat a big chicken steak in a big-name steak house (Outback). I was able to tear the steak apart, and stick the fork into the steak (I was worried the fork prongs might be too short; which they weren't) and pop the steak into my mouth.

You can't go wrong with a titanium spork. Titanium doesn't impart any metallic taste, doesn't transfer heavy metals (like aluminum and some other metals will; stainless steel wont' do this, but it's heavy!) to your food.
Wildewudu at REI on 04/04/2008

What's my familiarity level? I've eaten a half gallon of ice-cream with this thing, in one sitting. I've spooned countless pounds of mashed potatoes and instant rice and ramens into my gullet with this tool. Hundreds of packets of instant oatmeal packets mixed up and shoveled into my mouth, without fail. I love this spork.
This is thee utensil for transporting food from elsewhere into your boca (that's spanish for "mouth," not burger). It is very strong, a great size/shape, and durable durable durable. I would argue that this was the best $10 that I ever spent on gear. I've enjoyed 150+ nights in the backcountry with this spork and it's all about the supper-time l.o.v.e.
TIP: I tied a bit of reflective p-cord around the end of my spork to make it easier to find/grab out of my foodbag. Plus, there's never doubt as to WHOM this spork belongs.

Ryan Conklin at on 08/29/2013

How's About Just a Spoon?

I loved this spork when I first bought was my first Ti and I held it up high before every meal to show my camp mates that I was way more cutting edge than them...However, light weight isn't all it's cracked up to be. I eat from freeze dried meal bags, and this spork guarantees knuckles FULL of dinner residue. Also, on the RARE occasion I have a meal to cook in my Ti pot, I dare not use it to stir and scrape...the forky part will destroy your nonstick. My replacement, in about 1000 years (how long it will take before this spork becomes useless), will be a long handled Ti SPOON. I will stick with the Ti, as I bend it to fit in my cook pot.
firehiker at REI on 09/09/2007


Do you want to start a riot on the Pacific Crest Trail? Suggest that there is a better utensil for thru-hikers than the spork. It's spoon, no it's a fork, no's both! Combine this functional tool with the metal of machismo backpackers (titanium) and what do you get? The ultimate hiking tool (next to a good cat hole digging stick.)
Seriously, it's light, indestructable and if you tie a piece of thin climbing rope through the little hole on the end, it's impossible to lose (well, it makes it harder to lose at any rate.) Mine held out without a scratch on the first 1018 miles of the PCT and is headed next year to the AT. Buy won't regret it!
bean06 at REI on 10/10/2007

Perfect utensil for backpackers

It's the perfect utensil. I took it to China w/ me for an adventure trip b/c I didn't know how to use chopsticks. It's a good thing I did this b/c many of the places we ate didn't have forks.

It's super light, super easy to clean, and does a great job shoveling down soup, stew, noodles, Mountain House meals, cereal, oatmeal, etc.

I wouldn't bother w/ a folding spork. This one takes up almost no room in your bag and you don't have to worry about it collapsing on you. It feels just like home - it's a welcome tool to use at the end of a long day of canoeing, hiking, backpacking, or whatever your adventure entails.
McBeck at REI on 04/04/2010

If you've ever had to go at some ridiculously sticky Chili mac with beef or scrape the dried food scraps off a pot with a stupid taco bell fork you will understand why you need the TOOL that is the Snow Peak spork. This is a necessity on any outdoor eating endeavor. This spork is strong enough to handle any sort of sticky messes you can stuff down your gullet and it is light enough to barely notice it in your hand. I highly recommend putting a loop of pcord through the handle to help prevent loss because nobody really likes having to carve a set of chopsticks the first day out on a backpacking trip.

Nathan Pippert at on 09/08/2013

Best Utensil Ever Invented

I use my spork nearly every day, whether I'm out rock climbing or hiking, or just eating lunch in the office. I always carry my spork in my bag. It's a wonderful alternative to using disposable utensils at restaurants, etc. and it's so light-weight you won't know it's there until it's time to use it. I seriously rarely go anywhere without my spork. People laugh, but then I gift them one and they never go back. My only complaint is that the hole in the handle it too small for a carabiner, but a little hemp loop fixed that right up - now it is perfect!
KTMajew at REI on 01/01/2011

You need one. Heck, you have two hands. You need two.
What could be more awesome? It's a spoon and a fork, all rolled into one little handful of excellence. (Note: that's why they call it a spork--spoon + fork. That, and 'foon' just doesn't sound as good).
And did I mention it was titanium? I didn't did I. It's titanium. It doesn't get any better.
In all seriousness--lightweight, functions great, easy to clean, doesn't corrode (even with minimal soap or use of camp soap), doesn't lose anodizing, and something to look forward to using in scarfing down that post-killer-hike hot meal.

Lawfarm at on 09/13/2012

Negative Reviews:

I must disagree

I am puzzled by the other reviews. I found this spork to be both a poor spoon and a worse fork. The spoon part is too shallow, and the fork part doesn't really qualify as a fork. I would not recommend it, and other people I know do not like it either. I have a snow peak spoon & fork combo that I use and prefer to the spork.
Outdoorsdoglover at REI on 03/03/2009

Neutral Reviews:

nice spork BUT....

I have had this product for many years now and at first I loved it. It was at the time one of the first ti sporks on the market. The tines and bowl are perfect but the handle is too narrow. I replaced it with the REI ti spoon with a broader handle about 2 years ago and going back and forth I really notice a world of difference. Now I find a REI ti spork with the same broad handle and wish I had it. Try both sporks side by side before you buy. If the handle wasn't narrow it would be perfect
Nealster at REI on 10/10/2010