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Biolite CampStove Grill

Biolite CampStove Grill

$59.95 - $59.99

Biolite CampStove Grill - So you already have a BioLite Camp Stove, now all you need is the BioLite CampStove Grill! This easily portable grill is designed to attach to your BioLite stove for easy, lightweight grilling and eliminates the need for charcoal or propane. Steel grill surface fits up to 4 hamburger patties or 6 hotdogs; high, medium and low temperature zones help you grill your foods to perfectionBioLite Wood-Burning CampStove is sold separatelyFuel intake lid provides direct access to fuel source for easy re-stoking and flame control; closed lid sends flames into the grill body for cookingFor use with BioLite CampStove onlyStoke the fire in the CampStove by...