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For Consumers

GearBuyer.com provides the most focused, comprehensive, and effective online shopping tool for electronics gear, sporting goods, and more.

As ecommerce evolves, consumers are demanding more product information and shopping choices. Consumers want the widest range of products from the best online stores, along with the information and data necessary to navigate those choices efficiently and make informed buying decisions.

Existing search engines and product comparison websites are not focused on any particular product segment. This lack of "focus" prevents them from presenting meaningful product data, and clutters their search results with data that is not relevant.

GearBuyer.com is becoming one of the most popular shopping search engines on the Internet for products because it is focused, has the best selection of products and stores, provides meaningful data, and allows shoppers to easily compare products. Our advanced search technology combined with our simple interface allows shoppers to sort by lowest price, within a price range, narrow results by other criteria like brand, and compare products.

GearBuyer.com features one of the largest collections of electronics, sporting goods, ranging from latest tablets and avalanche beepers to whitewater paddles, allowing shoppers to find almost any gear related product sold on the internet. We are dedicated to maintaining and expanding a simple-to-use, time and cost-effective environment for the consumer.

For Merchants

GearBuyer.com is an emerging leader in delivering relevant online customers to merchants. GearBuyer converts "browsers" Into Buyers. GearBuyer reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversion. If you are an Internet Merchant and would like to see your products listed on GearBuyer.com please contact us.

For Advertisers

Online advertising from GearBuyer.com helps marketers reach relevant consumers that are on the path to purchase. If you are a marketer and would like to advertise your company or products on GearBuyer.com please contact us.


GearBuyer.com is owned and operated by InfoGears, Inc. and is not owned by or related to any sporting goods vendor or manufacturer.

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