Apple MacBook Air Buying Guide

Apple MacBook Air Buying Guide

This Buying Guide provides a product overview for the Apple MacBook Air, including a history of updates to the product so you know if you are buying at the beginning, or near the end of the update cycle.

GearBuyer provides recommendations regarding current product cycles, and a summary of customer reviews and pros & cons for the Apple MacBook Air.

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Customers have given the Apple Retina MacBook Pro line of laptop computers the highest rating possible. Review the Product Update History to determine if now is a good time to purchase this product, or if you should wait for the next update.

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Product Update History

Next Update?
days since last update
Feb 2013
247 days:: 5th update
Jun 2012
327 days:: 4th update
Jul 2011
273 days:: 3rd update
Oct 2010
499 days:: 2nd update
Jun 2009
180 days:: 1st update
Jan 2009
Product Release

Updates usally include better performance specifications. View the update history, and the Wait | Buy Now Meter to determine if now is a good time to purchase this product.


Lightweight and extremely thin design.
Large 13.3" LCD Display.
Full size keyboard.
Long battery life.


No built-in Ethernet port.
Wireless only.
No built-in DVD drive.
Lack of common ports and connectors.

Product Purchasing Information

Multiple sizes and configurations exist for the Apple MacBook Air. Use the Search Function below to find the model and price you desire, and read reviews for specific models.

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