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Being that we aggregate product information from many stores we can also aggregate the reviews from many stores to give you an accurate representation about what is being said about a particular product or product category.

We rank the reviews a bit differently than others. We combine the total number of reviews for a product, with the length of the supplied reviews along with the reviewer's rating to form a score that we believe more adequately represents the informed opinion about a product.

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CategoryNumber of ReviewsNumber of Products
Men's Jacket Men's Jacket Reviews 10,963 1,479
Women's Jacket Women's Jacket Reviews 7,493 1,005
Reviews 6,752 1,004
Women's Boot Women's Boot Reviews 11,819 2,565
Women's Sandal Women's Sandal Reviews 7,198 1,329
Binocular Binocular Reviews 726 219
Sunglasses Sunglasses Reviews 5,765 1,141
Men's Pant Men's Pant Reviews 4,552 753
Men's Sneaker Men's Sneaker Reviews 6,159 1,283
Skirt & Dress Skirt & Dress Reviews 2,244 651
Women's Pant Women's Pant Reviews 3,675 766
Men's Shirt Men's Shirt Reviews 3,385 750
Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag Reviews 5,687 714
Women's Handbag Women's Handbag Reviews 2,771 861
Men's Boot Men's Boot Reviews 4,199 960
Reviews 5,443 649
Women's Shirt & Blouse Women's Shirt & Blouse Reviews 582 172
Reviews 552 86
Downhill Skiing Downhill Skiing Reviews 827 181
Women's Sneaker Women's Sneaker Reviews 3,833 943
Reviews 4,381 660
Snowboard Snowboard Reviews 337 157
Women's Swimsuit Women's Swimsuit Reviews 1,237 462
Boy's Jacket Boy's Jacket Reviews 495 77
Reviews 1,786 399