Omega Pacific Link Cam

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Omega Pacific Link Cam
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Omega Pacific Link Cam -

The Omega Pacific Link Cam uses a one-of-a-kind triple-axle design to provide a greater expansion range than any other camming device on the market. Perhaps even more impressive is that these cams keep a consistent angle throughout their range so holding power isn't compromised at either end of the spectrum. In addition to the triple axles, these cams also include camstops to provide extra security on tipped-out placements. Omega Pacific used crossed trigger wires to reduce bulk near the top of the cam, which allows you to frig in pro where nothing else would work. A single-stem design and a nice wide trigger profile make this cam easy to place when you're cruxing. After all, what good is gear if you can't get it in the crack?


  • Dyneema-nylon-blend slings for less weight and bulk
  • Built with a hybrid blend of materials and advanced metal-injection molding process, Link Cams offer the ultimate in strength and versatility


  • Single-stem design keeps down bulk on the rack


  • Color-coded anodizing for easy identification of sizes
  • Provides more range per size than any other spring-loaded camming device available
  • Consistent cam angle throughout the range to maintain strength in any size


  • Made with 17-4 aircraft stainless steel on the inner links and lightweight 7000-series aluminum on the outer link lobes


  • Maintaining a constant cam angle of 13.5°, Link Cams achieve a wide range without sacrificing holding power
  • #2 = 25.4 - 64mm / 14kN / 207g
  • CE/UIAA certified
  • Larger range eliminates the need for specialized, offset cams for flared-crack protection while higher surface area contact lessens "walking" of cam
  • Lightweight, rugged Spectra slings for lasting service and reliability
  • Width:: 46mm / 1.81in
  • Patented, hinged cam lobes collapse even further during retraction for easier "plug and go" placements
  • #0.75 = 17.8 - 44.5mm / 10kN / 113g
  • Cross-cabling and "Swivlet" connectors ensure smooth trigger action and increased range
  • Unique triple-axle design provides greater expansion than any other cam
  • With a camming ratio of over 2.5:1, the Link Cam can cover the same range as up to four standard cams--lighten your rack!
  • Cam stops add security to tipped-out placements
  • #1 = 21.1 - 53.3mm / 14kN / 176g
  • #0.5 = 13.5 - 35mm / 8kN / 95g
  • Link Cams are great for that crux move, just grab, place and relax!

Utilizing a reliable, single-axle design, our cam lobes exceed the closest competition’s range substantially.

Utilizing a reliable, single-axle design, our cam lobes exceed the closest competition’s range substantially. With a camming ratio of over 2.5:1, there’s nothing close to the Link Cam on the market today. The Link Cam #1, for instance, covers the same range as up to four of our competitors cams!

That extended range means you can leave the ground with fewer pieces on your rack. No more doubling up on pieces you think you “might” need if you’re unsure where, exactly, you’ll need doubles of one particular piece.


#.5 · Purple.

#.75 · Green#1 · Red#2 · Gold.


Omega Pacific®'s revolutionary Link Cam can help you minimize your rack and maximize your potential.

Available in 4 sizes. See specifications listed below for size = range / strength / weight:

Made in USA.

Mountain Gear
Conceptualized by the legendary Greg Lowe, Omega Pacific’s revolutionary new Link Cam operates on a simple design that permits an amazing range for a unit of its size.

FEATURES of the Omega Pacific Link Cam.
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Country of Origin:USA
Expansion range:13.5 - 64 millimeters
Length:191 mm / 7.51"
Range:25.4 - 64 mm / .96 - 2.51 in
Strength:8 - 14 kilonewtons
Weight:7.3 oz / 207 g
Width:63 mm / 2.48"
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Omega Pacific Link Cam Reviews:

Positive Reviews:

I have been using 0.5 for a bit more than two years and have had only good experience. In fact, I took a short fall on what I considered a poor placement of 0.5 in a flaring crack and, to my surprise and satisfaction, it did hold. So I could have given it five stars based on my experience. I was considering buying other sizes to double my rack. However, I found way too many stories on internet of these cams breaking and failing and I am having my second thoughts. I believe these should not be used as "panic" or "magic" cams. Yes, they will go in easily, but, unless you put a lot of thought and skill into the placement, it may not be as secure as you think. The link cam appears to me to be a delicate instrument; C4 are much more robust and burly. I imagine that if the link cam is pulled sideways it may break due to a fine moving part (and there are way too many such) being loaded in the wrong direction. That can happen even to a seemingly perfect placement, if the cam walks due to rope drag. So I second the reviews that suggest that these ARE NOT FOR BEGINNERS. Since I consider myself still in the learning phase, I will wait with getting more of these. Meanwhile, I will double the rack with other brands (Metolius Ultralight seem appealing) and use 0.5 for what it may be suited best - back up peace for anchor building and in weird places where other cams do not fit.

Eriks Rozners at on 06/30/2012

so someone told me if I got this I would be cool, so I did and I am! I got the yellow one cuz it seems like it would cover the size range I wanted. I feel so cool now. I clip it to my belt every day even when I go into walmart! you never know when this thing will come in handy. Ok so for real.
this is way heavy, but then it's almost a 2 in one. It's so top heavy compared to my #2 BD. This and the lack of a rear loop make it a little awkward to use. If it could be lighter and have that rear loop then I would sell my first born for a set. as it sits I love that I have it and I like knowing that it will almost always fit when I go for a placment. Did 5 stars because it's a work in progress, but it does work and really well so I gotta give props.
So final thought, Not much out there is like the quality, build, and stability of a BD cam thats been placed proper. This has a beautiful build quality, but for now if you're a real rock climber then your rack should be 70-90% BD. A few of these wont hurt you too much, but two BD cams or one of these? You make the call. I'm happy with mine and still undecided if I will end up buying more. not sure if this will help you at all, but it's where I stand today.

trail ninja at on 06/05/2011

Big Pieces of Peace-of-Mind

I've got #1 and #2 which are the perfect aid pieces, as they range from finger width to hands.

By means of comparison my #2 Link Cam is 137% of the weight of a my Wild Country Tech Friend #3. It also has 166% of the range- the range of four Tech Friends! If I were going into just one blind placement, my Link Cam could save me from carrying a pound of metal (including biners).

Realistically, one piece of super-versatile gear is not as good as multiple pieces of merely-versatile gear. One great placement every ten feet just doesn't compare to one good placement every three.

So I wouldn't recommend anyone start with Link Cams as the foundation of a lead rack. I'd recommend using them to double and triple-up. They are perfect for that. I'd recommend keeping them in reserve, as much as possible, for those places where you just need something to fit the first time- when you're flaming out and the next placement is blind overhead.

For short climbs, I dream of having an entire rack of nothing but Omega Pacific Link Cams.

They're no harder to place than other cams and I feel really good about them when they're in the rock. I love Omega Pacific for making them.
DeepSkyFrontier at REI on 01/01/2009

Perfect for flakes and deep cracks.

This cam is perfect for deep cracks or behind flakes, where it's sometimes difficult to guess the correct cam size on the first try. The range is amazing, and makes the word "range" seem ludicrous when applied to other cams. Plus, these things are impossible to stuff.

The stem is long, and the folded cams can be as long as your finger, which means this cam isn't too useful for shallow placements. The larger of the two sizes is actually too large from thumb to trigger for my hands to comfortably grasp, so I bought two of the small cams instead.

I keep two on my rack in a special place for when I don't have time to find the right cam. Any more than two would be too much weight to justify.

The only imperfection is the sling loop: it's long, which is great for placement, but doesn't have the extra loop like the Trangos do. The loop length combined with the length of the stem makes this cam hang pretty low on your gear loop.

Still, I say get one. It's impressive to see how many places this cam fits so well.
john43 at REI on 09/09/2007

Saved my life and my climbing partner's.

I commented earlier as to the wide range of uses of these special pieces of pro. I have since been able to put them through their paces...all four of them, and I can say that no longer will I judge a book by its cover. While these didn't initially feel as solid to me in hand as my BD C4's... last partner and I were on a multipitch climb on sandstone. I gained the belay stance and set an equalized anchor in honestly suspect rock, but no other options existed...part of climbing...anyway I placed #1 C4, two TCU'S and one Link cam...I believe the gold one...anyway my partner was about to gain the belay ledge I was standing on when a foot hold blew sending him off the anchor blew...all of it...except for the gold link cam....held firm, did not budge. While I have evaluated and re-evaluated my actions from that day, in the end that little piece of hardware saved my life...which is why we spend our hard earned $$$$$ for. They will ALWAYS have a place on my rack...hell if they weren't so heavy I would only carry these.
Climber4life24 at REI on 05/05/2011

Wide Range Comes In Handy

I love the OP link cams because of the wide range of application. Also, they are color coded to match BD's C4s, so I know what I have left on my rack when I look down to grab a piece.

I usually carry a full set of C4s with sometimes doubles of #3 and above depending on the size of the crack. I usually also carry one or two sets of OP link cams depending on the length of the route, how difficult the route is and whether I have to build my own anchor. I sometimes also carry a .5 link cam and .75 link cam on bolted routes where there are long runouts between bolts and potentially a crack where I can add my own gear for extra protection.

The only downside is that it is difficult to examine the integrity of the placement in a crack if you use the second or third lobes because the first lobes block most of the line of sight. Therefore, you should be very good at placing gear before using the OP link cams.
CogitatorGT at REI on 09/09/2013

Good to Have handy in a sketch situation

I have one of each of the sizes in these babies and I absolutely love em. Especially when you begin trad there will be plenty of moments where you can take, what seems like an hour to fiddle with gear all to be getting the wrong size nut or cam. With these babies from OP, its almost fire and forget, you are bound to get something that fits. However, there lies the reason I did not give this review a 5. I have never fallen on one of these and am actually a bit iffy about that. When you pull the trigger back it just doesn't feel as solid as a C4 or Metolius or the same size. They are a little heavy as well but definetly worth the bulk. Pick one or two up but only to suplement your rack, say for long moderates or an indian creek rack.
Climber4life24 at REI on 10/10/2007

I have only used these cams a hand full of times and they definently have pros and cons. Going from the Black Diamon C4 cams to these is a bit tricky, I mostly found myself missing the large thumb loop. These cams lack a definite thumb loop to help place opposing pressure in order to use the cam; leaving you to try and place your thumb on a half inch thick steel rod while holding on with one hand and fighting the wind. The pro for these cams are their ability to stick in nearly any crack within its range. Unlike other cams where even after finding the right size crack you have to place several times to make sure its solid, the Link Cams are near perfect every time. If Omega Pacific incorporated a loop hole for these they would be amazing.

jcliinx at on 04/12/2011

Ever been on a really sketch layback, and you just know that if you lean in to look at the crack your feet will skid and you will whip? Get the link cams! Ever get to that spot where you are just pumped, and you just have to get a piece in on the first try, or you will take a 20' onto that piece that looked sketch about 5' ago? Carry the link cams. I carry them all, (almost) always. 2 purples. Bomber. And yes, they are bomb for building fast safe belays, if you didn't plug them on the way up! Ever been on a line and wish you had that piece of gear you had been thinking about getting, but just did not pull the trigger? Pull the trigger.

hon101121599 at on 05/31/2012

Great in many ways

Sweet cam to have on your rack. One really nice thing about these is that you can retract the cam fully, place it in a crack, release, and you most likely have a good placement. It's also nice that OP made these in the same colors as BD Camalots. Although I don't use BD cams, I know the sizes and colors and guidebooks often refer to them on route beta. These cams (supercams?) will get five stars when OP can make them a little lighter and when they put cable loops, like BD C4's, on them which are easier to rest the thumb and can be clipped for aid. I would definitely get some of these when REI has their[$] off one full price item sales as they are not cheap!
cascadexp at REI on 07/07/2009

Negative Reviews:


They say that these are great for a multitude of placements, which I agree they are GREAT for panic spots where you need it in the first time, but they also say that a couple of these could completely replace most of your rack, which cant work.

You will always need many many pieces and I would rather have an OK placement every 3 feet than a bomber every 20.

IMO, not worth the price or weight.
RugeClimbs at REI on 05/05/2009

I've been 'using' this cam for about a year. I got it for a "oh shit piece". Truly I really only use it for building anchors.
Besides being heavy these cams have been known to have major problems with durability. I have seen pictures and heard of these cam lobes actually shearing.
I have no problem whipping on any active pro but these. These cams are not confidence inspiring.
Your money would be better spent buying two other cams

pea4415135 at on 04/24/2012

Good... Until they self destruct

If it werent for the fact that if these cams rotate under load at all they usually self destruct.

(google "Omega Pacific Link Cam Failure" for all of the scary pictures )
funkbrotha10 at REI on 12/12/2011

Neutral Reviews:

Don't fool yourself, see the placement

I'd read the hipe about how great these are when you're pumped and just need to get a piece in. This thing is supposed to be able to fit everywhere, right? So when I was in the crux move of a 10 foot roof I stuffed in the #1 and went. Then I fell, and the Link Cam popped out. Luckily the next piece was a bomber nut. What I hadn't seen was that the blind placement I had made was heavily crystallised and the rock just shattered.

Lesson learned, always visually inspect every placement even if the cam has enough range you no it'll fit. If you can't visually check the placement consider yourself soloing from that point on, because you likely are.

On the good side this thing gives me a double of almost 5 of my Trangos. And the way it unwinds is just plain fun to play with on the couch at home :-)

On the bad side it's heavy and has a pretty wide head limiting it in narrow placements. And it's expensive.

I would probably tell a friend to get a couple Metolius cams for doubles first, then get the #1 Link Cam if he/she had spare cash lying around.
cuchalain312 at REI on 03/03/2009

The camming range of these guys is great for the price of weight and a hard metal used for inner lobes. The former means you carry more weight. The latter means cam will walk more when inner lobes contact with rock.
There are a couple of thoughts on building a trad rack:
1. When I need to set 6 pieces of protection I will place 6 pieces.
2. When I need piece of protection to 1.25" I will place a 1.25" piece. I don't care whether it can be used for 1", 0.75", whatsoever. I need 1.25", I place it. I probably will place 1", 0.75", whatsoever piece at another spot (probably is a keyword here).
I don't care about greater camming range. I do care about having N pieces of protection of the relevant sizes. And I want them to be as light as possible.
These guys (especially yellow) are great to save for the end-of-pitch and building anchor. But definitely not a trad rack building back bone.

pell at on 06/04/2012

I would not recommend the 0.5 size for Aid climbing. I've had (2) in a row of these deform on the trigger shaft and allow the trigger to move past the stopping point making the cam lobes invert. The second linkcam deformed after only two placements. It's kinda scary to deal with when it happens Aid climbing. They should be fine for normal trad climbing as long as you don't step on your gear...see attached photo

Bob Gray at on 10/03/2011